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Applied AI in Healthcare

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About the Project


The aim is to create a successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation and, through that, gain a better understanding of what makes a successful AI implementation in the relevant healthcare problem area.

Project Details

This doctoral project will start with learning about AI in a non-technical way. The purpose is to deliver a working AI implementation in a suitable problem area and then evaluate the usefulness of the implementation, its value, perception, etc. Therefore the empirical part of the study will be ethnographic, which is why being a “medical insider” is of great value.

Objectives include:

  • identification of a suitable healthcare problem area
  • an understanding of what various AI solutions could deliver in that area and what conditions need to be met
  • conducting an actual AI implementation
  • understand the conditions that made the implementation successful
  • observe and explain the implications
  • map the benefits and costs of the AI implementation

Further information

This project will be a pilot, based on which a doctoral programme will be designed. At this point, the goal is to figure out what makes a good AI implementation in the narrowly defined problem area.

Further projects will be conducted in other areas, hopefully leading to insight that will help improve AI implementations more generally.


The applicants should have:

  • some experience working in healthcare
  • an interest in AI (no prior knowledge of AI is necessary)
  • an educational background in medicine or healthcare administration (preferred)

The chosen student learn AI in a “no-code” manner, using Open-AI, Watson, Doctus and similar sophisticated AI application. Technical support will be provided.

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