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Artificial Intelligence in Predictive Control Framework for Smart Grids and Energy Systems

   Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

   Thursday, March 30, 2023  Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

The project's supervisory team is comprised of three supervisors, Assoc. Prof. CheeShen Lim (principal supervisor; ), and Senior Assoc. Prof. Fei Xue (co-supervisor; head of laboratory) from XJTLU's Suzhou Municipal Key Laboratory for New Energy Techniques ( and Dr. Zhongbei Tian from UoL's Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

Power electronic technology is the fundamental building block of most energy saving/efficient devices, and its influence on future smart grid and transportation systems is expected to increase further as the world progresses towards the humanity goal of carbon neutrality by 2050/60 (depending on respective national policies and commitments).

Functionality of power electronic devices depends primarily on the power switches technology and the intelligent control technology (of both embedded and system levels). This project focuses on the latter. Specifically, the project will investigate, design, and develop artificial intelligent predictive control techniques. The project will redesign the the typical machine learning technique, which used to focus on large, non-time, and non-safety critical systems, and assume “abundant” computing resources (memory, computing speed), for embedded power electronic controls with fast dynamics and inherent high interconnectivity through physical power grid layers.

The research project is expected to involve learning and control algorithm development, simulation, and experimental investigation. Various simulation software, hardware-in-the-loop simulator, and various power electronic and energy system experimental devices are already available within the research group. Depending on the needs of the project and the input/background of the successful candidate, more software and experimental devices can be acquired.

此博士科研项目的指导团队由来自苏州市新能源技术重点实验室(XJTLU,和电气工程与电子学系(UoL,的多位教授组成。该项目的导师团队由三名导师组成,来自西交利物浦大学苏州市新能源技术重点实验室的CheeShen LIM林奇胜副教授(第一导师)和Fei XUE薛飞高级副教授(第二导师,也是苏州市新能源技术重点实验室主任)和英国利物浦大学电气工程与电子系的Zhongbei TIAN博士。

电力电子技术是许多节能/高效能源设备的基本组成部分,随着世界朝向 2050-60 年(取决于各国家的政策和承诺;中国的碳达峰碳中和目标为2030-2060)碳中和的可持续发展目标,电力电子的设备和系统应用科研也将加速发展。电力电子设备的功能主要取决于功率开关技术和智能控制技术(嵌入式和系统级)。该项目将重新设计典型的机器学习技术,过去专注于大型、非时间和非安全关键系统,并基本拥有“丰富”的计算资源(内存、计算速度),用于电力电子控制 - 具有主要特性包括短时间常数嵌入式,物理电网动力学,和设备高互连性。

该研究项目预计涉及学习和控制算法开发、仿真和实验证明。 科研实验室拥有各种仿真软件、可编程硬件在环仿真器、可编程闭环控制电力电子科研设备,和能源系统实验。 取决于候选人对本生科研和项目的需求,可以采购更多的软件和实验设备。


Upon successful completion of the PhD project, the candidate will be awarded a PhD degree from the University of Liverpool (UK). For more information about the doctoral scholarship and the UoL offsite PhD programme at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU), please visit

成功完成博士项目后,候选人将获得利物浦大学(UoL,英国)的博士学位。 有关西交利物浦大学(XJTLU)博士奖学金和UoL博士项目的更多信息,请访问


The candidate should have a first class or upper second class honours degree, or a master’s degree (or equivalent qualification), in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, E&E engineering, mechatronics, controls, or computer science (M/BEng). Evidence of good spoken and written English is essential. The candidate should have an IELTS score of 6.5 or above, if the first language is not English. This position is open to all qualified candidates irrespective of nationality.

Principal and Co-Supervisor Academic Profiles

Dr. Chee Shen LIM received dual-PhD degrees in power electronics and drives from the university of Malaya and Liverpool John Moores University (UK) in 2013. From 2013 to 2021, he was a Research Scientist with the Experimental Power Grid Centre, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore, and an Associate Professor with the University of Southampton (Malaysia branch campus). He is currently an Associate Professor of EEE with XJTLU, Suzhou China. Dr. Lim is a Fellow of Advance Higher Education Academy (HEA, UK), senior member of IEEE, an Associate Editor of the IET Electric Power Applications, a Chartered Engineer (CEng, UK), and a government-certified large-scale PV solar system designer. He has extensive research experience on advanced design and controls of power electronics for various power electronic converters, multi-motor/multiphase machine drives, and smart/microgrid applications, as well as hierarchical controls, energy management, and energy forecasting.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants can first email (principal supervisor) the following documents for early review and assessment.

  • Full academic transcripts in both Chinese and/or English (for international students, only the English version is required)
  • CV and personal statement outlining your interest in the position

Later, during formal application ( and after obtaining informal confirmation of scholarship award from the principal supervisor:

  • Two formal reference letters
  • Certificates of English language qualifications (IELTS or equivalent)
  • Verified certificates of education qualifications in both Chinese and English (for international students, only the English version is required)
  • Others, as listed in XJTLU website.

Funding Notes

The PhD studentship provides 100% tuition fee waiver (currently equivalent to RMB 240,000 in total; PhD candidacy can extend slightly beyond three years) for three years. Successful candidate will conduct the research at XJTLU's Suzhou Industrial Park Campus, in Suzhou, China (main) and University of Liverpool's main campus, Liverpool, UK. He/she will also be awarded up to RMB 16,500 conference funding and be given priority to take up teaching assistantship and industrial research assistantship with varying but sufficient allowances (exact amount shall depend on modules and projects).

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