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Beyond Lithium Ion Batteries: Experimental Discovery and Electrochemical Characterisation of New Solid-State Materials

   Department of Chemistry

  Prof M J Rosseinsky, Dr Ruiyong Chen, Dr J Claridge  Thursday, November 24, 2022  Funded PhD Project (UK Students Only)

About the Project

New materials are needed to advance technologies such as batteries for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage, electrocatalysts for energy conversion and fuel generation (such as electrochemical CO2 reduction, hydrogen storage), and to develop basic science.

This PhD project is an exciting opportunity for the experimental synthesis and detailed characterisation of new solid materials, combining synthetic solid-state chemistry, advanced structural analysis (crystallography), and measurements of physical and electrochemical properties. The approach will be to explore new “multivalent ion” cathode design strategies beyond the established lithium battery technology, for example Al3+ and Mg2+. The successful candidate will focus on the discovery of new bonding types and structures in energy storage and conversion materials such as inorganic solids, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), organic intercalation hosts, and hybrid organic/inorganic materials, and understanding of the relationship between the structural features, underlying physical-chemical mechanisms and electrochemical properties of the new materials.

The project is based in the newly-opened Materials Innovation Factory (MIF) ( at the University of Liverpool. As well as obtaining knowledge and experience in materials synthesis, crystallographic and measurement techniques, the candidate will develop skills in teamwork and scientific communication, as computational and experimental researchers within the team work closely together. There are extensive opportunities to use synchrotron X-ray and neutron scattering facilities, and benefits of national/international research collaboration environment.

Applications are welcomed from students with a 2:1 or higher master’s degree or equivalent in Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science or Electrochemistry, particularly those with some of the skills directly relevant to the project outlined above. Experience in electrochemistry, scattering methods and/or electron microscopy is an advantage. Outstanding candidates will strong motivation to conduct interdisciplinary research are invited to submit their applications via the University of Liverpool online portal.

Please contact Dr Ruiyong Chen if you have an enquiry on:

To apply, visit: Please ensure you quote the following reference on your application: Experimental Discovery and Electrochemical Characterisation of New Solid-State Materials for Beyond Lithium Ion Batteries (Reference CCPR0029).

Funding Notes

The Studentship is funded by the EPSRC as part of a business-led research collaboration between leading UK businesses and their long-term strategic University partners. The eligibility details of both are below.
EPSRC eligibility
Applications from candidates meeting the eligibility requirements of the EPSRC are welcome – please refer to the EPSRC website.
The award will pay full tuition fees and a maintenance grant for 3.5 years. The maintenance grant is £15,609 pa for 2021/22, with the possibility of an increase for 2022/23.


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