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CNT/cement nanocomposite materials for structural applications for buildings

   Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment

About the Project

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with remarkable mechanical and electrical properties have been used for enhancement of mechanical properties of polymer matrix materials but its capability for enhancement of cement based materials has not been widely explored yet. CNTs have great potential to significantly improve the properties of cement-based materials. However, there are difficulties in dispersion of CNT agglomerates in cement solution. This is caused mainly by the CNT as CNTs are held together by Van der Waals forces of attraction between them.

The very high specific surface area of CNT phenomenally increases the affect of Van der Waals forces. In this project the influence of dispersants on the mechanical properties of CNT/cement nanocomposite will be investigated by studying the rheological behaviour of the nanocomposite. Consequently the appropriate dispersant and CNT loading for significant enhancement of mechanical properties of CNT/cement nanocomposite will be established. Effect of air bubbles introduced during processing of the cement-based nanocomposite on the mechanical properties will be also investigated.

Fracture behaviour of nanocomposite beams will be tested and multiscale finite element will be used to simulate theses beams and to find the effect of CNT loading on the stress distribution and cracking mechanism of nanocomposite beams.

Funding Notes

There is no funding for this project: applications can only be accepted from self-funded candidates

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