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Controlled and uniform cooling of steel and ceramics products to reduce residual stresses and defects.

Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

This project is no longer listed on and may not be available.

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Prof H Jouhara Applications accepted all year round Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

The successful applicant will look closely into the current existing methods of controlled cooling of products derived from the ceramic and steel production facilities. After building a state of the art of the up-to-today reported controlled cooling techniques such as heat pipes, the most efficient and recommended technologie(s) will be identified. Then, based on theoretical, computational (using design, CFD and simulation software), and experimental analyses, the researcher will investigate how, through an appropriate uniform cooling technique, residual stresses and other defects within the production can be eliminated. The research will focus on developing and modelling an efficient method of controlled cooling for the mentioned industries to show how an effective design can be developed to achieve better thermal and metallurgical specifications. To investigate the effectiveness of the develop model, the behaviour of the system under different thermal loads and conditions will be further simulated. Theoretical models and numerical simulations will later be validated through both lab scale test rigs and on-site experiments in the factories facilities. The researcher will have the opportunity to present the outcome of the research by publishing in international conferences and journals.

Funding Notes

Brunel offers a number of funding options to research students that help cover the cost of their tuition fees, contribute to living expenses or both. See more information here: Recently the UK Government made available the Doctoral Student Loans of up to £25,000 for UK and EU students and there is some funding available through the Research Councils. Many of our international students benefit from funding provided by their governments or employers. Brunel alumni enjoy tuition fee discounts of 15%.)


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