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Count Me In! Developing and analysing the efficacy of pedagogical strategies for those providing music education to children with special abilities and needs using the Sounds of Intent framework of musical development (University of Roehampton in collaboration with Live Music Now)

   South East Network for Social Sciences

  Prof Adam Ockelford  Monday, February 27, 2023  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

Project background: 

Count Me In! is an internationally innovative project that explores the strategies that class teachers and musicians working with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities can use to ensure their lessons and sessions are musically inclusive. Count Me In! is underpinned by the thinking set out in the Sounds of Intent framework of musical development and identifies four levels of musical engagement: ‘sound-making’, ‘pattern-making’, ‘motif-making’ and ‘music-making’. The research will entail working with musicians from Live Music Now in four special schools, catering for a range of special educational needs. Differentiated teaching strategies will be created in partnership with the musicians and class teachers, trialled, and their impact on pupils’ capacity to engage in musical activities will be analysed using the Sounds of Intent framework. Beyond the research project, the resources that are created will be made freely available online, potentially transforming music education for pupils in special schools and inclusive mainstream settings. It is anticipated that the student will spend around three days a week at the University of Roehampton (virtually or in person), and two days a week as a member of Live Music Now’s national team. 

How to apply for this studentship 

You must first apply for a place to study at the university where the research project is based, noting that you are applying for the collaborative studentship. Please go to the University of Roehampton here to find more details on how to make your university application.  

You will then need to make a separate application for this collaborative studentship using the SeNSS online application platform. The link to the application platform and the notes to guide you through this process are available here

Start date for study: 1 October 2023. 

Funding Notes

Residential eligibility
Anyone regardless of where they live or what their citizenship/nationality is eligible for a fully-funded award.
Studentship Details:
This studentship may be taken as either a 1+3 year award (a one-year MSc followed by a three-year PhD), or a +3 award (a three-year PhD). It may be taken full or part-time.
The studentship award includes full payment of your university fees, and provides you with a stipend (salary) of £17,668 per year. If you are studying at one of our London based universities you will receive an additional payment of £2,000 per year.
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