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Crystallography of Advanced Inorganic Materials

   Department of Chemistry

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  Prof M J Rosseinsky, Dr J Claridge  No more applications being accepted  Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

This PhD project focusses on state-of-the-art structural characterisation of new advanced materials in single crystal form. Single crystals of functional materials can provide a wealth of structural and physical information to the materials chemist that is unavailable or hard to obtain from polycrystalline samples. The aim is to increase our understanding of how crystal structure controls properties, which will allow the design of new materials with enhanced performance. The successful candidate will synthesise and crystallographically characterise crystals of novel inorganic compounds. The student will be trained in single crystal diffraction, crystal chemistry and physics, various crystal growth techniques, and measurement of physical properties, building a diverse portfolio of skills. As well as obtaining knowledge and experience in these areas, the student will develop skills in teamwork and scientific communication, as part of a team that work closely together.

The project is based in the Materials Innovation Factory ( at the University of Liverpool. The Rosseinsky Group has a well-established multidisciplinary expertise spanning chemistry, physics, materials science and computer science within the group, and an extensive network of external collaborations. Applications are welcomed from candidates with a strong undergraduate interest/background in solid state chemistry, condensed matter physics, materials science or related fields.

The position is part of a multi-disciplinary project: “Digital Navigation of Chemical Space for Function” that seeks to combine physical and computer science approaches to accelerate materials discovery with a focus on new structures and net-zero applications in energy, catalysis and information storage.

The studentship will be jointly supervised by Prof Matt Rosseinsky and Dr John Claridge.

The successful candidate should have, or expect to have, at least a 2:1 degree or equivalent in Chemistry. Please apply by completing the online postgraduate research application form at Please ensure you quote the following reference on your application: PhD Studentship in Physical Crystallography of Advanced Inorganic Materials (Reference CCPR0030).

Informal enquiries should be addressed to Dr Claridge ().

The funding for this position may be a University of Liverpool GTA (flexibly allocated i.e. not specified by project at this stage). Details below – we do however accept applications from international students and can appoint on a non-GTA contract.

The stipend will be paid in line with the standard UKRI rate and tuition fees covered at the UK rate. Students are encouraged to undertake some teaching duties for the Department, up to a maximum of 6 hours per week in term time, for which they will receive training and be paid at the regular hourly rate (currently £15.99 per hour).

Funding Notes

Applications from candidates meeting the eligibility requirements of the EPSRC are welcome – please refer to EPSRC website: View Website
The award will pay full tuition fees and maintenance grant for 3.5 years. The maintenance grant will be at the UKRI rate, currently £15,609.00 per annum for 2021-22, subject to possible increase.


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