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  Design, development and control of a reconfigurable triphibian unmanned vehicle

   School of Science, Engineering and Environment

   Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

Research in reconfigurable robot and unmanned vehicle has attracted interest from the researchers in the fields of robotics, UAV, autonomous vehicle, and AI. Design and developing a reconfigurable vehicle that can travel on the ground, in the air and under the water is what numerous researchers are pursuing. Design a reconfigurable robot/vehicle/rotor that can change its configuration to adapt the working environment on different terrains, in the air and under the water, and integrated emerging sensing technology for various applications is the aim of this project. A reconfigurable vehicle/robot/rotor based on origami patterns, metamorphic joints or deployable structures is to be design and developed. The proposed vehicle/robot should be able to work on the ground, in the air and underwater. Configuration analysis, kinematics, dynamics and control of the proposed vehicle/robot is to be investigated. Prototype and experiments for verifying the proposed concept and development is to be conducted. The proposed unmanned robot/vehicle can lead to a novel development with great potential civilian and space-exploration applications.       

Additional notes

Skill required: mechanical system design, prototype development, mechatronic system design, computer simulation, control algorithm design, sensor and actuator development.

Computer Science (8) Engineering (12)

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