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Developing Nano-structured Materials for Analytical Applications, Functional Devices or Drug Delivery (MAYESU16SF)

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  • Full or part time
    Dr A G Mayes
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Project Description

Nanoscale materials offer huge opportunities for diverse applications due to their interesting and useful mesoscopic properties. The Mayes group has explored the applications of such nano-materials in the areas of energy materials (solar cells), chemical sensing and drug delivery, using properties such as quantum dot luminescence, hyperthermic heating from paramagnetic nanoparticles or optical properties of hierarchically-structured nanomaterials. The group also has interests in “smart” responsive polymers and hydrogels and materials based on novel designed functional polymers, both for analytical (chemical sensing) and drug delivery applications. We have an ongoing programme of research in these areas and there are opportunities for self-funding PhD students to develop projects around any one of these topics in consultation with the PI. We are particularly keen to expand work in novel materials for energy applications in the areas of solar cell and battery technology, but we maintain a strong interest in drug delivery (in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Pharmacy) and novel approaches to analysis.

Funding Notes

This PhD project is offered on a self-funding basis. It is open to applicants with funding or those applying to funding sources. Details of tuition fees can be found at

A bench fee is also payable on top of the tuition fee to cover specialist equipment or laboratory costs required for the research. The amount charged annually will vary considerably depending on the nature of the project and applicants should contact the primary supervisor for further information about the fee associated with the project.


i) A.M. Imroz Ali and Andrew G. Mayes
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ii) P.D. McNaughter, J.C. Bear, D.C. Steytler, A.G. Mayes, T. Nann,
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iii) Y. Fuchs, A.V. Linares, A.G. Mayes, K. Haupt, O. Soppera
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iv) Y. Fuchs, O. Soppera, A.G. Mayes, K. Haupt
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v) JC Bear, N Hollingsworth, PD McNaughter, AG Mayes, MB Ward, T Nann, G Hogarth, IP Parkin.
Copper-Doped CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots: Controllable Photoactivated Copper(I) Cation Storage and Release Vectors for Catalysis.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 53(6) (2014) 1598-601

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