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  Doctoral Candidates in Quantum Technology and Science

   School of Science, Department of Applied Physics

This project is no longer listed on and may not be available.

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  Assoc Prof Mikko Möttönen, Prof Jukka Pekola  No more applications being accepted  Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

Job Description

Owing to the generosity of Nokia Corporation, Aalto is now looking for:

Doctoral Candidates in Quantum Technology and Science

Are you looking for an environment where you can obtain doctoral training and build a strong network for a career in quantum technology? Aalto coordinates the InstituteQ (, bringing together the strongest national players in quantum technology in Finland. The expertise and international networks of 40+ research groups, technology developers and industrial collaborators, and the state-of-the-art facilities unfolds as a vibrant research environment at the heart of the largest innovation hub in the Nordic region. We collaborate with best partners around the world, aiming to raise the readiness of current and coming generations for the era of quantum technology.

Job description

Two full-time funded doctoral-candidate positions are open for applications in a new Industrial Doctoral Programme on Quantum Technology, the seed funding for which was just received from Nokia ( In both positions, the supervising professor is at Aalto University and a thesis advisor at Nokia Bell Labs or the Nokia Corporation is preferred. See the list of contact persons below for potential supervisors and advisors. The applicants are encouraged to include secondments at Nokia, planned with the potential supervisor and advisor. Positions are available for both experimental and theoretical research in quantum technology in the following topics:

  • Topological quantum devices and materials for quantum information processing
  • Quantum error correction
  • Quantum security including benchmarking, crypto, and QKD
  • Superconducting quantum circuits
  • Quantum algorithms
  • Open quantum systems
  • Quantum sensing

The applicants may choose one or several topics of interest from the list above. They are encouraged to contact Aalto and Nokia to learn more about the topics and to write a research proposal. See list of contact persons below. Applicants are requested to indicate whether they are interested to join the program even on a currently non-funded position, still eligible for events and travel. Nokia employees may also apply to the program, in the case of which it is recommended to have secondments at Aalto.


A Master’s degree in condensed-matter or quantum physics or other topic of relevance is expected from the candidates. Alternatively, a certificate showing that the applicant will obtain the Master’s degree before the start of the contract has to be presented. Good command of English and ability to disseminate scientific results is a mandatory requirement for the positions. Previous research experience related to any of the above-described topics is highly appreciated. All applicants must have motivation to conduct research at the highest international level. Appointed candidates aim at completing the doctoral degree within the target time (4 years for full-time students).

Salary and work location

The contracts will be made initially for two years. After an approved mid-term review, the employment will be extended for another two years. Aalto University follows the salary system of Finnish universities. The salary level for starting doctoral candidates is approximately EUR 2500/month.

Preferred starting date is January 2022 (negotiable). The annual total workload of research and teaching staff at Aalto University is 1612 hours. The position will be located at the Aalto University Otaniemi Campus.

How to apply

To apply for the position, please submit your application including the attachments mentioned below as one single PDF document in English through our online recruitment system by using the "Apply" link on Aalto University’s web page (Open positions - Workday (

  • Research proposal (max. one page)
  • CV
  • Bsc and MSc certificates or equivalent
  • Two letters of recommendation (or contact details of two possible referees)

Please, send your application as a single PDF file at your earliest convenience by the 15h of December 2021 through the recruitment system. Evaluation of the applications will start immediately.

Need more information?

For recruitment-process-related questions, you can contact HR Secretary Lotta Maltolahti, e-mail: [Email Address Removed].

For finding thesis advisors and for questions on the content of the research proposal, feel free to contact the persons given below for specific focus topics. Note that the eligible advisors and supervisors are not limited to this list, and especially on the Aalto side, one is encouraged to explore the various research groups, for example, at the Departments of Applied Physics, Electronics and Nanoengineering, Computer Science, and  Communications and Networking, and the Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology (QTF)

Aalto University

Lado, Jose, topological quantum materials theory, [Email Address Removed]

Möttönen, Mikko, superconducting quantum circuits for sensing and computing, [Email Address Removed]

Paler, Alexandru, quantum software, [Email Address Removed]

Pekola, Jukka, open quantum systems with superconducting circuits, [Email Address Removed]

Tirkkonen, Olav, quantum error correction in communication, [Email Address Removed]

Tittonen, Ilkka, quantum key distribution, [Email Address Removed]

Nokia Bell Labs

Ashikhmin, Alexei, quantum error correction, [Email Address Removed]

Atkinson, Gary, quantum algoritms, [Email Address Removed]

Blanco-Redondo, Andrea, quantum sensing, [Email Address Removed]

Finta, Istvan, quantum algorithms, [Email Address Removed]

Gamez, Gerardo, topological quantum materials, [Email Address Removed]

Ghazisaeidi, Amirhossein, QKD, [Email Address Removed]

Montag Michael, quantum security, [Email Address Removed]

Schoinianakis Dimitrios, quantum security, [Email Address Removed]

Thottan Marina, QKD, [Email Address Removed]

Waisbard Erez, quantum security, [Email Address Removed]

Willett, Bob, topological quantum devices, [Email Address Removed]

Computer Science (8) Physics (29)

 About the Project