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Fabrication, Testing and Life Time Prediction of Bio-Based Biodegradable Composites for Aircraft Interior Panels

   Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment

  Dr D Daniel  Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

Although composites provide a great deal of advantages and enhanced characteristics which have driven improvements to their structural and aesthetic applications, there still lie major disadvantages and drawbacks in the recycling of these life limited materials as well as the ecological harm in utilising the petroleum based resins.

The purpose of this research is to fabricate bio-based composite material for aircraft interior panels and non-load bearing structures which can be fully biodegraded at the end of its service life, which will work towards reducing the waste production of the composite material industry.

In this study, in-depth research will be carried out on natural fibre reinforced composites (NFRCs). The product of this research resulted in the fabrication of a bio-based biodegradable composite. Furthermore, the feasibility of utilising the bio-based biodegradable composites in the internal panels of the aircraft structures will be studied.

Aims and Objectives

·     Focused research on different bio-based matrices that are coupled with natural fibres in order to produce biodegradable composite materials.

·     Optimisation of the rheological behaviour of the composition.

·     Evaluation of the suitability of fabricated composites for the properties set by the regulatory authorities such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

·     Prototype model fabrication using 3D printing.

·     Predicting the life time analysis of the composite structure

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