Factors determining diagnosis, antibiotic treatment and outcomes of stroke-associated pneumonia

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About the Project

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability and has huge personal, societal and economic impact worldwide. Pneumonia frequently complicates stroke and has a profound impact on clinical outcomes. Stroke-associated pneumonia (SAP; defined as pneumonia complicating stroke within 1 week) is associated with increased mortality, length of stay and worse functional outcomes. 1,2,3 As strategies to prevent and treat it are limited, SAP remains a major area of unmet need in clinical practice and research.

The overall aim of this project is to evaluate factors determining diagnosis, antibiotic treatment and outcomes of SAP. The first phase of the project will involve a systematic review and meta-analysis evaluating outcomes following SAP. The second phase of the project will use the Salford Stroke-Associated Pneumonia (SAL-SAP) dataset to investigate which factors determine suspected SAP and confirmed SAP, and how these relate to subsequent outcomes. The (SAL-SAP) dataset, linked to local Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) data,4 collects baseline demographics, routine laboratory and physiological data, imaging, stroke unit care processes, prescribing data (including antibiotic treatment) and clinical outcomes from the largest stroke service in the UK. The project will provide novel insights into diagnosis and prognosis of SAP using real-world data to inform subsequent testing of diagnostic and prognostic algorithms to guide patient management and antibiotic stewardship.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are expected to should have a statistics background and Masters degree desirable(e.g. MBChB or MBBS). A BSc (minimum upper second class honours)

How To Apply

For information on how to apply for this project, please visit the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Doctoral Academy website (https://www.bmh.manchester.ac.uk/study/research/apply/). Informal enquiries may be made directly to the primary supervisor. On the online application form select the appropriate subject title.

For international students, we also offer a unique 4 year PhD programme that gives you the opportunity to undertake an accredited Teaching Certificate whilst carrying out an independent research project across a range of biological, medical and health sciences.

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Funding Notes

Applications are invited from self-funded students. This project has a Band 1 fee. Details of our different fee bands can be found on our website View Website


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