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  Galactic hurricanes: How growing black holes impact their host galaxies

   School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

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About the Project

It is now generally accepted that all massive galaxies - including the Milky Way - have, at their centres, a supermassive black hole. Despite these black holes having masses of around 0.1% of their hosts, it is widely believed that they have played a major role in shaping today's galaxies. One key way that they may have achieved this is by launching powerful winds as they accrete material. While many such winds have now been observed, we still don't fully understand how they are launched and whether they do, indeed, have any impact on their host galaxies. In this project, you will attempt to address these questions by measuring the winds in thousands of galaxies and relating their properties to that of their host galaxies and black holes.

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Funding Notes

There is no deadline to apply for this project, but it is unlikely that it will come with a studentship. Those with alternative sources of funding are encouraged to apply. Full details on how to apply can be found at View Website.

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