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Holistic management to create sustainable, climate change resilient small-scale fisheries in Jangamo, Mozambique (OP2239)

   Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering

  Prof Per Berggren  Monday, January 24, 2022  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

Newcastle United Kingdom Climate Science Ecology Food Production Marine Biology Remote Sensing

About the Project

Small-scale fisheries in developing nations are often unreported, unregulated and illegal (Temple et al. 2018), despite being crucial to food and financial security (Benkenstein 2013). Little is known about small-scale fisheries of Mozambique represented here by Guinjata, Paindane and Coconut fishing communities in Jangamo Bay (Fig. 1). Previous research (reef surveys and fisheries landings) by NGO Love The Oceans (LTO) in Jangamo have indicated a change in species assemblages and low apex- and meso predator abundance. Lack of predators as a result of unsustainable fishing and/or climate change may explain the trophic imbalance causing a less productive ecosystem. Understanding these influences on the marine environment will inform necessary actions to improve ecosystem resilience, and local food and financial security. Jangamo Bay is currently unprotected with little management. This project will facilitate development of community-based management. Improved local management could increase ecosystem productivity, food security and offer tourism as alternative livelihoods. Once created, an effective conservation strategy can be upscaled and replicated across Mozambique and other fishing communities. The project will be implemented through 3 objectives:

Ob1: Utilise in-situ and remote sensing data to study the impact of climate change on apex- and meso predator abundance, relating this to irresponsible fishing. In-situ temperature sampling will validate remote sensing data. Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUVs) will be used to assess predator diversity and abundance and complemented by previous BRUV, fisheries and reef data collected by LTO.

Ob2: Assess sustainability of small-scale fisheries through fisheries landings and effort data. Surveys of landed catch will be done with LTO building on existing historical landings data and utilising local knowledge.

Ob3: Investigate how community management in Jangamo can be used to achieve sustainable fisheries. Sustainability will be assessed through fisheries data, pre- and post a Sustainable Fishing Project implementation.

This project will improve field survey and community conservation skills, building on existing relationships with fishing communities. Results will inform management and policy to create sustainable fisheries. The results will be shared during stakeholder workshops.

Funding Notes

This project is part of the NERC ONE Planet DTP. Each of our studentship awards include 3.5 years of fees (Home/EU), an annual living allowance (£15,650) and a Research Training Support Grant (for travel, consumables, etc).
Home and International applicants (inc. EU) are welcome to apply. Following the UKRI announcement regarding their new 30% UKRI international recruitment policy (to take effect from September 2021) both Newcastle University, and Northumbria University, have agreed to pay the international fee difference for all International applicants (inc. EU) who are awarded a DTP studentship. Interviews will take place in February 2022.
How to apply: View Website


Benkenstein, A., (2013) Small Scale Fisheries In Mozambique. SAIIA Briefing 72, 1-4
Temple, A.J., Kiszka, J.J., Stead, S.M. et al. (2018) Marine megafauna interactions with small-scale fisheries in the southwestern Indian Ocean: a review of status and challenges for research and management. Rev Fish Biol Fisheries 28, 89–115.

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