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  How transformation of business models co-evolves with digital entrepreneurship?

   Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences

  ,  Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

The co-evolution of business models and digital entrepreneurship plays a pivotal role in driving innovation and sustainability in the modern business landscape. In the digital era, the rapid advancements in technology have not only reshaped the way businesses operate, but have also spurred a revolution in the entrepreneurial mindset. Digital entrepreneurship is therefore at the forefront of this transformation by offering changes in business models that respond to the evolving needs of various stakeholders, especially the customers [1]. Although the interrelationship between business model transformation and digital entrepreneurship is indispensable for staying competitive, the field remains fragmented and is in need of more structured research agenda [2]. Therefore, this research aims to systematically combine pertinent qualitative and quantitative study data from the extant literature and advance these two research areas by offering novel contributions. 

Our research group has an established track record in entrepreneurial business models, digital transformation, AI and business data analytics. Research in these areas is very much in collaboration with big data, data analytics, digital entrepreneurship, and business model transformation.

Students having background in entrepreneurship, digitalisation, and data analytics (especially meta-analysis) are welcome.

How to apply

Formal applications should be submitted through the University of Bradford web site; applicants should create an account and choose 'Full-time PhD in Business and Management' as the course.

About the University of Bradford

Bradford is a research-active University supporting the highest-quality research. We excel in applying our research to benefit our stakeholders by working with employers and organisations world-wide across the private, public, voluntary and community sectors and actively encourage and support our postgraduate researchers to engage in research and business development activities.

Positive Action Statement

At the University of Bradford our vision is a world of inclusion and equality of opportunity, where people want to, and can, make a difference. We place equality and diversity, inclusion, and a commitment to social mobility at the centre of our mission and ethos. In working to make a difference we are committed to addressing systemic inequality and disadvantages experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students.

Under sections 158-159 of the Equality Act 2010, positive action can be taken where protected group members are under-represented. At Bradford, our data show that people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic groups who are UK nationals are significantly under-represented at the postgraduate researcher level. 

These are lawful measures designed to address systemic and structural issues which result in the under-representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic students in PGR studies.

Business & Management (5) Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25)

Funding Notes

This is a self-funded project; applicants will be expected to be able to pay their own tuition fees, or have access to a suitable third-party funding source. UK applicants may be able to apply for a Doctoral Loan from Student Finance.


1. Allioui, H. and Mourdi, Y., 2023. Unleashing the potential of AI: Investigating cutting-edge technologies that are transforming businesses. International Journal of Computer Engineering and Data Science (IJCEDS), 3(2), pp.1-12.
2. Dana, L.P., Crocco, E., Culasso, F. and Giacosa, E., 2023. Mapping the field of digital entrepreneurship: a topic modeling approach. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, pp.1-35.

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