Improving the mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites via inkjet printed polymer inclusions

   Department of Mechanical Engineering

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About the Project

Carbon fibre composites have been toughened, and strengthened, by using inkjet printing to deposit discrete droplets of polymer onto the pre-preg that is used to produce the final composite material. PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) droplets have been shown to improve toughness, whereas PEG (polyethylene glycol) of a certain molecular weight helps extend fatigue performance. Most interestingly, a dual system where half of the dots are PEG and half are PMMA shows increases in toughness and strength. This PhD continues the investigation into the improvements that can be obtained using this approach, with especial attention being paid to the dual system. The PhD will compliment ongoing research into the mechanism of the toughening improvements.

Note: An active application for this PhD topic is ongoing. However, the topic is wide enough, and would benefit, for a second student.

Engineering (12) Materials Science (24) Mathematics (25)

Funding Notes

Please note that this is a self funded project.

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