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Investigating the sex-dependent effects of macrophage insulin resistance on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease


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About the Project

MRes Project

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a spectrum of liver diseases in part driven by macrophages. Premenopausal females exhibit protection from NAFLD and macrophages express estrogen receptors which have been shown to augment and dampen innate immune signalling pathways. Risk factors for the development of NAFLD include obesity and insulin resistance however, the relationship between NAFLD, insulin resistance and macrophage function are unclear.

The aim of this MRes will be to explore the sex-dependent effects of insulin resistance in macrophages and how in turn this may impact NAFLD. The work proposed in this MRes will support an ongoing project within the Gage group.

Approach: This project will involve samples from mice, cell lines, and possibly human samples and incorporate a range of techniques including but not limited to: cell line and primary cell culture, PCR, genotyping, immunohistochemistry, histology, RT-qPCR, RNA Sequencing data analysis, Western blotting, in vitro functional assays.

Funding Notes

Partially funded MRes project: The lab will be covering the project costs, the MRes student will be expected to meet the course fees and their living expenses.
International applicants are welcome to apply but must be able to fund the difference between "Home" and "Overseas" tuition fees.
Please see website for more details.


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