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  Dr Giuliano Campo  No more applications being accepted  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

This innovative research programme focusses on investigation of the legacies, influences and global impact of the work of the revolutionary Polish theatre director and theorist Jerzy Grotowski and his disciples, collaborators and followers, within and beyond the field of performing arts. It will position you at the convergence of multiple but related disciplines, such as theatre practice, history and theories, performance theories and practices, theatre anthropology, ritual arts, studies on altered states of consciousness, environmental performance, landscape performance, intercultural and post-colonial studies and practices.

Our departmental strengths in the area include international contemporary theatre, performance, theory, history and practice-based research in voice and body training, adaptation and exploration of acting techniques in a variety of genres and contexts, in the intersection between stage and acting/performance as work on the self.

We encourage applications for practice-based research, including reflection and experimentation of multifaceted World and European traditional actor training and their varied functions and utilisation in the contemporary world, interrogating the fundamental concepts of "act", "actor", and “performer” that underwrite both popular and academic notions of performance in live settings, with specific focus on the linage, influences and legacies of Jerzy Grotowski and their impact in the world of performance and ritual arts.

Topics related to the work of Jerzy Grotowski and his legacies and influences, might include: in-depth analysis of the work of impactful Grotowski’s major collaborators and disciples; the world dimension of the impact of Grotowski’s legacies; influences of Grotowski’s work on existing and emergent acting and directing methodologies, acting voice and movement, performance and altered states of consciousness; transformative social and cultural impact of application of Grotowski’s principles; masks and ASC; performance and ritual; performance and landscape; acting and trance; embodied approaches; paratheatrical activities; comparative analysis of activities related to the work on the self in performance and ritual arts.

Research Aim

Critically evaluate application, impact, influences, and development of the practices and theories of Jerzy Grotowski and his collaborators in the world, through specific examples and field work.


Research Objectives

1.      To explore case made for live transformative performance practices drawing out the themes relevant to communities in international setting and the work of individual practitioners or the discipline

2.      To explore international methodologies for application of Grotowski’s concepts and practices in specific social and cultural environments

3.      To understand and evaluate the current application of methods of work on the self influenced by Grotowski and his collaborators

With guidance and support from supervisors, the candidate will engage with field work in international settings. In their second year, the Researcher will organise a public seminar on gathering evidence of the impact of Grotowski’s legacies.


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