Modelling seafloor change

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About the Project

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Project Overview

The purchase of a new underwater robot (a Sparus II submarine from Iqua Robotics) with 2- and 3-dimensional imaging capabilities opens up new avenues for detailed spatio-temporal monitoring of sea floor state via robotic sensing. This project would be interdisciplinary, developing skills in AI, robotics, and marine science. The robot will be programmed to follow a survey path at a distance to the seafloor, and capture datasets (sidescan SONAR and visible spectrum imaging) of the same area at multiple time points. These datasets would be large and unique, with computational challenges to solve in three main areas:

- Registration, both between modalities and across times.

- Object detection and recognition in underwater domains.

- The extraction of image features from 2d and 3d which correspond to change in the marine environment.

When a vessel is anchored the mooring chain may be dragged repeatedly across the seabed in an arc around the anchor as the vessel moves with tidal motion (Davis et al. 2016). This chain-scour is likely to impact the sediments and it is necessary to quantify the impacts of this anchor footprint on benthic communities. Broad et al. (2020) found that 90% of studies of anchoring and mooring focused on recreational vessels and identified that empirical investigations of anchor scour stemming from large merchant ships are scant and require urgent attention. The aim of this research is to gain an understanding of the effects of disturbance by anchoring activity of merchant vessels on the soft-sediments at Red Wharf Bay. First the student will develop a method for using AIS Ship Data to estimate anchoring intensity. We will use AIS vessel tracking data (obtained through an existing collaboration with Global Fishing Watch) to identify the area impacted by anchors and anchor chains. Anchored vessels in tidal areas will move around the anchor in a half or full-circle, which means that the position of the anchor and the paths of the anchor chain can be inferred from the circle of AIS locations that is transmitted by anchored vessels. Areas with different intensities of anchoring activity will then be surveyed four times using the Sparus II AUV over the period of a year to quantify differences in sediment topography. We expect sediment topography to change throughout the year in anchored sites, and during storms in unanchored sites.

 - Repeated surveys using side scan sonar and video

 - Compare difference in topography between surveys

 - Relate difference to anchoring activity between surveys

 - If possible, capture imagery of anchoring in action, which is impossible using other methods because you cannot get close using a boat or divers.

The project would enable new work to be done in underwater imaging and also marine science. 

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