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  Modelling the respiratory microbiome in chronic lung disease and healthy ageing

   Institute of Microbiology and Infection

  Dr MJ Cox, Dr K Belchamber  Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

The Respiratory Microbiome Group seeks to understand the interactions between complex communities of bacteria, fungi and viruses with the human respiratory tract in both disease (acute infections and chronic lung disease) and in health or healthy ageing. The group is interdisciplinary and collaborates with immunologists and clinicians in order to understand how the microbiome influences human health.

This PhD project aims to characterise and model these interactions using a variety of methods including bacterial and tissue culture, 16S rRNA gene and metagenomic sequencing of respiratory specimens, in vitro models of the microbiota with macrophages and understanding the influence of treatments such as antibiotics and steroids on these interactions. The student will gain training in wide range of interdisciplinary techniques and join an inclusive and active research group.

  Person Specification

We are seeking talented, motivated students with a passion for research in the human microbiome and respiratory disease to join the Respiratory Microbiome Group led by Dr Michael Cox

Applicants should have a first or upper second-class degree in a relevant scientific discipline, and who are self-funded or have typically applied for, or secured funding for their studies from their government, employer or associated charitable organisations.

Biological Sciences (4)


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