Multipolar photon lasing in nano and micro structures

   Department of Physics

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  Dr Francesco Papoff, Prof Gian-Luca Oppo  Applications accepted all year round  Awaiting Funding Decision/Possible External Funding

About the Project

The invention of lasers has provided us with powerful sources of coherent light and a much enhanced ability to exploit the interaction of light and matter that have revolutionized science and technology. At the core of modern lasers is electric dipole emission, which is the dominant process at atomic and molecular level. The recent development of nanoscale structures allows us to

access also electric and magnetic multipolar emission, which produce photons that interact with matter in a way completely different from that of the standard dipole photons. This can open the way to extremely precise clocks that exploit very narrow multipolar transitions and also to light that can propagate with minimal absorption in most media. The first part of the project will be dedicated to the quantization of electromagnetic modes of nanostructure, the second on how to couple these mode with quantum dots and quantum wells so that stimulated emission of multipolar photon can be produced. This is a theoretical project and the student working on it will develop analytical and computational skills.

Physics (29)


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