New directions in the psychology of gambling

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About the Project

I am an experienced gambling research and am able to supervise projects in any area of the psychology of gambling. Projects could use a number of potential methodologies, including quantitative (online surveys, online experiments, large naturalistic datasets) or qualitative (content analysis, thematic analysis). The choice of appropriate methodology depends a lot on the student’s skillset and also the specific topic area being focused upon.

In terms of potential areas for research, I have a range of current interests including: cryptocurrency-based gambling, the ‘gamblification’ of other areas including video games (loot boxes) and investing, the psychology of skill-based gambling, sports betting, structural characteristics of gambling products, dark nudges/sludge in gambling, and youth gambling.

If you are interested in a specific topic then it would be helpful for you to familiarise yourself with my previous research on that topic. I am an advocate of using open science practices (e.g., open data, open materials, preregistration), so you should be able to learn a lot about my previous research by fully investigating the papers and their associated online resources. I believe strongly in the benefits of incrementally increasing understanding in a given topic area via the use of replication + extension studies.

A lot of my research focuses on policy issues and attempts to inform policies attempting to reduce gambling-related harm. To this end I have acted as an advisor to UK policymakers in the House of Lords and Gambling Commission. However, I am also becoming increasingly interested in theoretical issues in gambling, such as reconsidering the evidence in favour of established psychological biases such as the illusion of control, as well as considering novel potential biases in gambling behaviour. While much of my research has focused on UK-based gambling, I am also interested in exploring gambling in other countries, such as the new sports betting markets that are emerging in the US, or investigating whether newer forms of gambling such as cryptocurrency-based gambling are seeing significant uptake in countries where gambling is strictly controlled.

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This project is available to international students who wish to self-fund their PhD or who have access to their own funding. Please contact Dr Philip Newall directly for information about the project and how to apply ([Email Address Removed]).
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