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  Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing (Sydney Quantum Academy scholarships)

   Faculty of Science

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About the Project

Project: Open Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED Quantum Computing

One of the most important applications of quantum computing is its use in quantum simulations, to model the behaviour of complex quantum systems, a task that is generally impossible to solve with classical computing technology. This project aims to help design new applications for the industry-scale quantum computers that will be built by companies like Google, IBM and Australian start-up, Silicon Quantum Computing.

In this project, you will join an exciting new research program studying digital quantum simulations in open systems. You will explore the effects of digitisation-induced noise on quantum simulation performance, and also study the capability of using novel noise engineering techniques to model complex open quantum systems. This project builds on previous work: and, and is part of a collaboration with leading local and international theorists.

You will work in a state-of-the-art circuit QED laboratory under the supervision of A/Prof Nathan Langford. You will develop and test new digital quantum simulations that incorporate state-of-the-art control techniques designed for periodically driven, open quantum systems. You will develop strong experimental skills in quantum device design, simulation, fabrication and characterisation, cryogenic microwave measurements, and expertise in quantum information theory and algorithms.

Quantum computing is shaping up to be one of the most influential high-tech industries of the 21st century, with a large and growing global industry, start-up and academic community constantly searching for new talent with training and technical skills in quantum technologies research. This PhD will provide exactly the training and skills you need to join the quantum technologies revolution and secure a place in this exciting growth industry.


Women only: An important aim of the Sydney Quantum Academy PhD scholarships is to address gender imbalance among students pursuing a career in quantum technology. In this round, scholarship places at University of Technology Sydney will therefore be reserved for applicants who identify as women, for reasons of building greater gender diversity. We support a diverse and inclusive research environment in our group, and are proud to support this initiative. We especially encourage women from diverse backgrounds to apply.

Both domestic and international applicants can apply for Sydney Quantum Academy scholarships. To be eligible, you should further hold an excellent:

•  Honours degree with First Class, or Second Class Division 1, or 

•  MSc Research or MSc Coursework with a research thesis of at least 6 months 

(or equivalent) in an appropriate subject area, such as physics or engineering, and strong results in undergraduate courses in quantum physics and other relevant subject areas. Demonstrated skills in numerical modelling (e.g., in Python or Matlab), experiments, fabrication or electronics will be an advantage. Candidates will require an appropriate level of competence in written and spoken English.

Selection Criteria

Applicants should send the following information to me as soon as possible, by Sunday 24th September:

  • CV (preferably including the names of at least two referees),
  • academic transcript (with clarifying explanations of the grade scales used at your institution, as required),
  • list of publications,
  • response to selection criteria,
  • and a brief cover letter outlining your goals and why you think you would be suitable,

to Associate Professor Nathan Langford ([Email Address Removed]) as soon as possible. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted with further details.

Detailed application instructions can be found at:

A/Prof Nathan Langford: [Email Address Removed]

Selection criteria for Sydney Quantum Academy scholarships can be found here:

For me to support your Sydney Quantum Academy application, you must have:

  1. Excellent undergraduate Honours or Master’s degree in an appropriate subject area.
  2. Evidence of strong research skills and independent research experience.
  3. Strong results in relevant undergraduate courses.
  4. Demonstrated relevant technical skills.
  5. Good evidence of capacity to work independently, enthusiastically and creatively, and to contribute positively to a collaborative team environment.
  6. Appropriate competence in written and spoken English.

The application process is currently open and will continue to be open until the position has been filled. We highly encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible.

Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25) Philosophy (28) Physics (29)

Funding Notes

SQA PhD Scholarships provide a competitive stipend of AU$35,000 p.a., access to career development funding and exclusive benefits via the SQA PhD Experience Program.
These positions are fully funded for 4 years. Candidates in UTS Science also receive additional funds ($7.5k) during the course of the PhD for travel and other PhD-related expenses.