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PHD scholarship in Biological sciences

   Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

   Applications accepted all year round  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

PhD Programme in Biology is carried out in English and in full-time.

This PhD programme covers the  area of biological sciences listed on the website (https://science.phd.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/programme/phd-biology). Choice of facultative classes and possibility of gaining credits for courses offered outside of the University ensures flexibility and helps to adjust participation in classes to the individual research plan of the student. 

For everyone who will be accepted for the PhD programme in Biology a scholarship is guaranteed.

PhD students are recruited to the research topic offered by the faculty members. Some of the competitions listed below are held outside the OAS system (Online Application System). We kindly ask you to follow the recruitment rules described in each competition. 

Each year, PhD students and their advisors/promotors write individual research plan for a given year. Until the end of four semester student’s achievements are evaluated (mid-term evaluation) by the committee. 

PhD programme in Biology lead to the scientific Doctoral title in the discipline of biology. More information can be found here.

The “Biology” PhD study programme provides the following benefits:

  • obtaining an advanced level qualification in the biological sciences.
  • personal development through participation in the work of experienced research teams, establishing national and international scientific contacts through extensive collaboration with scientific institutions.
  • conducting interdisciplinary research with a multifaceted approach to research in terms of theory and practice.
  • Contact with renowned scientists from the Jagiellonian University and other Polish and foreign universities in disciplines related to your study.
  • Access to specialized laboratories equipped with modern equipment such as diagnostic microscopes, a transmission electron microscope for biological applications and a flow cytometer.
  • Participating in research projects and acquiring your own projects.
  • Participating in summer schools.
  • Obtaining language certificates.
  • Popularization of science as broadly understood.

Added benefits:

  • the opportunity to participate in the cultural and social life of the city of Krakow https://phd.uj.edu.pl/life-in-cracow
  • the opportunity to meet and collaborate with doctoral students from all over the world
  • membership of the PhD Students’ Association of the Jagiellonian University https://doktoranci.uj.edu.pl/
  • free education
  • scholarship and health insurance
  • additional remuneration for work in research projects

The graduate of the “Biology” PhD study programme:

  • Is prepared to practice science, carry out research and conduct teaching activities at the university level.
  • Is able to use in practice the acquired knowledge in the field of biological sciences to construct innovative research hypotheses in order to solve theoretical and practical problems.
  • Is able to support the development of others through teaching with the use of modern methodology, techniques and educational tools
  • Possesses the necessary social competences
  • Understands the need and shows readiness to fulfil social obligations resulting from conducting scientific research.

Link to programme: https://science.phd.uj.edu.pl/en_GB/programme/phd-biology

Application deadline: Rekrutacja 2021/2022 - Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences - Jagiellonian University (uj.edu.pl)


Funding Notes

Education at the Jagiellonian University Doctoral Schools is free. Each PhD student receives a scholarship in the amount set by law or more, depending on the source of funding. In addition, each PhD student may apply for funding for the implementation of his/her doctoral project. 
The scholarship, which is awarded to each doctoral student admitted to the school, is:
• before the mid-term evaluation -  PLN 2,371.70
• after the mid-term evaluation – PLN 3,653.70
All PhD students of the Jagiellonian University Doctoral Schools are exempt from any tuition fees for training within the doctoral programmes scheme.

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