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PhD Studentship in Synthetic Chemistry: Controlled Molecular-Level Motion


   Tuesday, January 31, 2023  Funded PhD Project (UK Students Only)

About the Project

Many of the biological processes that sustain life are mediated by molecular motors, (macro)molecular species that continuously convert energy from chemical fuels such as adenosine triphosphate into controlled motion of their submolecular components. In the Collins group, we are interested in developing artificial synthetic chemical systems, which mimic such motors—their energy transducing behaviours, their control of motion at the molecular level, and ultimately their extraordinary functions, from intra- and inter-cellular transport to metabolism and muscle function.

The advertised PhD studentship will be focused on the design and development of new fully synthetic systems that exhibit autonomous directional motion at the molecular level in line with the broader research programme of the Collins group, which harnesses modern synthetic methodologies—transition metal catalysis, photochemistry, enzymatic biocatalysis—to tackle the challenges posed by the development of autonomously operating molecular motors and functional molecular systems.

The successful candidate will receive training in synthetic organic chemistry, including transition metal catalysis and photochemistry. Furthermore, the student will receive mentoring in the development of scientific communication, problem solving and project management.

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