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Plant-animal interactions and conservation in the tropics and the UK

   Faculty of Biological Sciences

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  Dr S Compton  Applications accepted all year round

About the Project

Tropical studies centre on the pollination, seed dispersal and evolution of fig trees. Recent field work has been based in Namibia, the Cook Islands and SE Asia. At Leeds we also have the only 'captive' population of fig trees and fig wasps in the world. Sex ratio evolution, gene flow and dispersal are some areas of interest along with using hybrids as a tool to assess how speciation occurs. We are also building collaborations with engineers to examine how fig wasps can lay eggs deep in plant tissues.

Closer to home, we are working with Natural England and others on the conservation of rare British Beetles. This involves autecological studies, habitat management and assessments of genetic diversity and relationships between populations.

The beetle conservation work is being extended to include studies of the genesis of endemic insects in Britain, particularly with Lundy Cabbage in the Bristol Channel.

Contact s.g.a.compton at directly and the Biology Graduate school Web page for information on how to apply and an application form.

Funding Notes

No specific funding is available, but competitive scholarships can be appliedfor


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