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  Plasma proteomic associations with human cardiovascular disease

   MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences (LMS)

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  Dr D O'Regan, Prof Mauel Mayr  No more applications being accepted  Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

A powerful strategy for drug discovery and development is the analysis of genomic data from large human populations to prioritise potential therapeutic targets, predict on- and off-target effects of pharmacological inhibition, and to improve patient stratification for therapeutic responsiveness in clinical trials. Combining human genetics with population-scale plasma proteomics could help to bridge the gap between human genomics and disease states to address key biomedical challenges in the development of biomarkers, predictive modelling and drug discovery.

This project will take a multi-disciplinary approach bridging imaging-genetics, human proteomics and data science target development. The project benefits from image derived phenotypes in UK Biobank participants which will scale to 100k participants. The work is based around 3 main themes: proteomic associations with image-derived markers of disease; proteo-genomic analyses using instruments that mimic drug target effects on cardiovascular endpoints; and target refinement through tissue proteomics in explanted hearts. Overall, the project will identify putative candidates among the circulating protein changes identified in populations that could translate to therapeutic interventions.

The project crosses disciplines of quantitative imaging, omic bioinformatics and molecular cardiology. This transdisciplinary approach will offer the student an outstanding opportunity to gain training in the whole pipeline of phenotyping, multiomic modelling and target validation with co-supervision from PIs in computational cardiac imaging, cardiovascular proteomics and pharmaceutical early discovery R+D.

To Apply for this project please visit the LMS Website where instructions can be found

Biological Sciences (4) Mathematics (25) Medicine (26)

Funding Notes

This studentship includes a tax free stipend amounting to £25,000pa, and covers all tuition fees, for a total of 4 years.
The funding covers Home or Overseas fees, meaning it is available to students worldwide.


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