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Quantum Enhanced Upconversion Nanoprobes for Neural Imaging and Super-Resolution Temperature Sensing (ARC Centre of Excellence )

   Faculty of Science

About the Project

About the Centre

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Quantum Biotechnology (QUBIC) will be established in 2023, as the first nation-spanning research Centre at the nexus of quantum and biotechnology globally. Our mission is to lead the world in applying quantum physics to biotechnology, driving fundamental understanding and applications across biomedical imaging, chemical design and clean energy. Our research program aims to develop quantum technologies that go far beyond what is possible today, from portable brain imagers to super-fast single protein sensors, and to use them to unravel key problems including how enzymes catalyse reactions and how higher brain function emerges from networks of neurons. The Centre aims to build Australia’s quantum economy and train a future quantum workforce in close partnership with industry and government. QUBIC will be administered by The University of Queensland (UQ) and has nodes at the University of Melbourne (UoM), the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), the University of Wollongong (UoW) and Flinders University (FLD). We have 12 industry and governmental partners, including IBM, Olympus, Protein Evolution and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). We are partnered with 14 leading international universities, including MIT, Johns Hopkins, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research. The membership of our advisory bodies includes two Nobel Laureates and Australia’s past Chief Scientist.

PhD positions at UTS

The positions are grouped based on the three Centre research themes, with short descriptions provided below. Projects have been assigned a primary supervisor that can be contacted for further details.

Project Details: Quantum Enhanced Upconversion Nanoprobes for Neural Imaging and Super-Resolution Temperature Sensing

In this project, we aim to develop quantum-enhanced upconversion nanoprobes, a remarkable fusion of quantum science and biomedical imaging. These nanoprobes will revolutionize neural imaging, allowing us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the brain. But that's not all - they will also play a pivotal role in super-resolution temperature sensing technology, offering innovative solutions to monitor temperature variations at the nanoscale.

Your Role:

As a vital member of our team, you will have the unique opportunity to:

Pioneer Quantum-Enhanced Nanoprobes: Dive into the fascinating world of quantum science and contribute to the development of nanoprobes that can unlock the secrets of neural activity.

Advance Super-Resolution Temperature Sensing: Join the forefront of cutting-edge technology by working on the next generation of super-resolution temperature sensing methods.

Collaborate with Experts: Collaborate closely with experts in various fields, from quantum physics to neuroscience, and make meaningful contributions to interdisciplinary research

What We're Looking For:

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about quantum technology, biomedical imaging, and temperature sensing. Ideal candidates will possess a strong background in physics, engineering, or a related field, and have a thirst for innovation and exploration.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be a domestic student - either Australian permanent residents or New Zealand citizens. To be eligible for this applicantion, applicants must have completed a UTS recognised degree in

  • MSc Research or MSc Coursework with a research thesis of at least 6 months,
  • or Bachelor Honours degree with 1st Class, or 2nd Class Division 1, or division 1 honours, or an equivalent or higher qualification,
  • or submitted other evidence of general and professional qualifications that demonstrates potential to pursue graduate research studies.

Selection process

1. Candidates with optics and/or biology background will be preferred.

2. Candidates with experience in building or operating an advanced optical microscopy will be preferred.  

3. Candidates with experience in qunatum optics and quantum control of light will be preferred.

4. Good communication and writing skills in English language is essential.

How to apply

Applicants should send their CV, list of publications, and selection criteria to Jiajia Zhou () by the closing date. Shortlisted candidates will be advised with further details.

Need more information? Contact...

Please contact Jiajia Zhou () for further information.


Applicants should send their CV and list of publications to contact person’s email address by the closing date. The application process is currently open and will continue to be open until the position has been filled. We highly encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible. Shortlisted candidates will be advised with further details.

For further Information on application essentials please visit UTS Graduate Research applications.

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We offer a fully funded scholarship, studentship and award at university, faculty and department level to support both Domestic and Overseas students.

For more information, visit UTS Science Faculty Research Projects or search in UTS Scholarship search tool to find out what you may be eligible for.

Biological Sciences (4)

Funding Notes

$32,500 per year (RTP Stipend rate, indexed annually); additional funds ($7.5k) during the course of the PhD for travel and other PhD-related expenses.
3.5 years

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