Smart 5G and IoT Cooperative Communication System for Autonomous Vehicles in Intelligent Transport Systems

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About the Project

Reference number: SCEBE/21SF/017/DL


One of the most important public health concerns in our world today is the global epidemic of road crash fatalities and injuries. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that nearly 1.25 million people worldwide lose their lives in road crashes every year with an additional 20-50 million people been injured or disabled. In addition to the devastation caused by this loss of lives, there is also a significant economic burden tied with road crashes. The global annual cost directly connected with road crashes comes to USD $518 billion. Along with the aforementioned safety issues, traffic congestion has also become a major problem resulting in enormous economic and environmental costs.

To address the above social and economic issues, this research project aims to implement a novel, reliable and scalable communication system for autonomous vehicles in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The realization of such a system will integrate the advantages of the 5th Generation Cellular Networks (5G) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Vehicles require data to be exchanged in real time in order to operate safely and effectively. This requirement may be met by utilizing the advantages of 5G networks that offer significantly low delay communication. Furthermore, vehicles need to make informed decisions, based on reliable and multi-sourced data. Such a need can be satisfied with the incorporation of IoT technologies where a set of devices (i.e. vehicles, sensors…) are able to exchange valuable traffic related information.

A widespread network of communication components placed within existing and future urban infrastructure but also vehicles, combined with appropriate data exchange and analysis, may provide the basis for the implementation of this project.


- Develop a Cooperative Communication System that integrates both 5G and IoT technologies.

- Perform extensive simulations of the system using real life scenarios, focusing on urban environments, Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) communication.

- Implement a platform that will act as a basis for future implementations and testing.



The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate possession of programming skills but also have good understanding of and a particular interest in network simulations.

Research Strategy and Research Profile

Glasgow Caledonian University’s research is framed around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, We address the Goals via three societal challenge areas of Inclusive Societies, Healthy Lives and Sustainable Environments. This project is part of the research activity of the following Research Groups:

- Cyber Security, Networking and Communications (CNSC)

- Smart Connectivity and Sensing

How to Apply

This project is available as a 3 years full-time or 6 years part-time PhD study programme. 

Candidates are encouraged to contact the research supervisors for the project before applying. 

Please note that emails to the supervisory team or enquires submitted via this project advert do not constitute formal applications; applicants should apply using our Application Process page, choosing Cyber Security or Computing and their preferred intake date.  

Please send any other enquires regarding your application to:

Funding Notes

Applicants are expected to find external funding sources to cover the tuition fees and living expenses. Alumni and International students new to GCU who are self-funding are eligible for fee discounts.
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For further information, please contact:
Director of Studies
Name: Dr Dimitrios Liarokapis
GCU Research Online URL:
2nd Supervisor
Name: Dr Tuleen Boutaleb
GCU Research Online URL:
3rd Supervisor
Name: Dr Alireza Shahrabi
GCU Research Online URL:

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