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About the Project

Soft growing robots (SGRs) are an emerging type of soft robot that can navigate the environment through tip growth. Mimicking the tip growth of plants (e.g., plant root grows into soil), an SGR lengthens its body by adding materials to its tip while the remaining part of the body does not move with respect to the environment; hence, there is no friction (as there is no sliding motion) between the environment and the robot’s main body. This tip-growth features enables SGRs to travel through constricted areas that are otherwise difficult to reach and meanwhile with minimal impact to the environment, making SGRs highly potential for searching or medical tasks.

This project aims to overcome the current challenges of SGRs in the areas of actuation, sensing, and control. New actuation and sensing principles/designs will be developed. Theoretical modeling of SGRs based on kinematics, mechanics, or machine learning will also be investigated for the purposes of in-depth understanding and control. The developed approaches will be employed for the development of next-generation medical robots.

Funding Notes

This is a self-funded research project.
We require applicants to have either an undergraduate honours degree (1st) or MSc (Merit or Distinction) in a relevant science or engineering subject from a reputable institution.
Prospective candidates for this project should have either an undergrad or MSc degree with excellent grades/ranking in a relevant engineering subject from a reputable institution, e.g., Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Control etc.
Full details of how to apply:
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Applicants can apply for a Scholarship from the University of Sheffield but should note that competition for these Scholarships is highly competitive: View Website

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