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The role of the immune system in women’s reproductive health

   Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

About the Project

The human endometrium is a highly dynamic tissue that rapidly regenerates over approximately 20 days and differentiates to form a uterus lining receptive to embryo implantation, further transforming into decidua to support embryonic development, or breaking down before regenerating a few days later. Crosstalk between local structural, vascular and immune cells is critical for the functions to carried out and is under hormonal control. Dysregulation of this process can lead to infertility, pregnancy complications and serious benign and malignant diseases. Together, these pathologies affect a significant fraction of women and families, and pregnancy complications negatively impact the lifelong health of offspring. However, the immune system in the uterus is poorly characterised and in particular how repair and regeneration in the uterus is shaped by immune cells. This project will combine mucosal immunology expertise within the Lydia Becker Institute combined with reproductive biology expertise within the Maternal and Fetal Health Research Group to dissect immune cell interactions with local structural and other non immune cells to enable characterisation of critical regulators of implantation in early pregnancy.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are expected to hold (or be about to obtain) a minimum upper second class honours degree (or equivalent) in a related area/subject. Candidates with previous laboratory experience are particularly encouraged to apply.

How To Apply

For information on how to apply for this project, please visit the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Doctoral Academy website ( Informal enquiries may be made directly to the primary supervisor. On the online application form select the appropriate subject title.

For international students, we also offer a unique 4 year PhD programme that gives you the opportunity to undertake an accredited Teaching Certificate whilst carrying out an independent research project across a range of biological, medical and health sciences.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion is fundamental to the success of The University of Manchester, and is at the heart of all of our activities. The full Equality, diversity and inclusion statement can be found on the website”

Funding Notes

Applications are invited from self-funded students. This project has a Band 3 fee. Details of our different fee bands can be found on our website (View Website).


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