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Tropical Optimization

   School of Mathematics

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  Dr S Sergeev  Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

Tropical algebra is linear algebra developed over the max-plus semiring (extended real line endowed with tropical addition `a+b'=max(a,b) and tropical multiplication `ab'=a+b). In the project you will work on some optimisation problems expressed in terms of tropical algebra (in other words, optimisation problems over max-plus semiring). One of the three research directions will be pursued, based on your research preference: 1) tropical optimisation using mean-payoff game solvers, 2) bi-level tropical optimisation, 3) optimisation over symmetrised tropical semiring. Finding practical applications for optimisation problems being formulated and solved will be also a priority. See the suggested references for more background and existing results.

Computer Science (8) Mathematics (25)


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2. P. Butkovic. Max-linear Systems: Theory and Applications. Springer, 2010.
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4. J. Parsons et al. Tropical psedoquatratic optimization as parametric mean-payoff games. Optimization, published online, 2022.
Link: Arxiv preprint:
5. S. Sergeev and Z. Liu. Tropical analogues of a Dempe-Franke bilevel optimization problem,
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