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Understanding cellular receptors mediating signalling and viral infection - molecular mechanisms and development of new therapeutics

   Molecular and Cell Biology

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  Prof Nicholas Brindle  Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

Cellular receptors initiate signalling pathways that regulate all aspects of cell behaviour and these receptors are key therapeutic targets for a wide range of diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer. Cell receptors also act as entry points for many viruses. We use protein engineering, molecular evolution and structural biology to understand the molecular mechanisms by which ligands and viruses interact with receptors, and develop biotherapeutics targeting these interactions. This project aims to determine the molecular basis for binding and signalling by growth factors ligands, and develop potential therapeutic leads for selectively activating and inhibiting these signalling pathways.

Students will receive advanced trained in a range of techniques in molecular biology, protein engineering, cell surface display, molecular protein evolution, protein expression and characterization and flow cytometry.

This research will lead to a PhD in Biochemistry.


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