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Understanding interdependence in early adulthoods: Learning from care experienced young people who participated in Lifelong Links (University of Sussex in collaboration with Family Rights Group)

   South East Network for Social Sciences

  Prof Janet Boddy  Monday, February 27, 2023  Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)

About the Project

Project background:

Freedom can only be exercised if there is enough support for the exercise of freedom’, wrote the philosopher Judith Butler – an idea that underpins the focus of this exciting PhD opportunity. We live in a period when young people face increasing challenges and uncertainties in their transitions into early adulthoods, spanning areas including education, housing and employment. It has become more common for young adults to rely on family for emotional, practical and financial support, if they are able to do so. At the same time, when families are living in difficult circumstances, young people often play a key role in providing care and support. These patterns in contemporary society have particularly sharp implications for young people who have been in care, who often face abrupt and accelerated transitions into independence after leaving care. There is an urgent need to build better understandings of interdependencies and support for young adults with care experience, and of the ways in which formal and informal sources of support intersect in everyday lives over time. This is the focus of the PhD, which takes a mixed methods approach to studying mutual support, care and connections in young adult lives. This project creates a unique opportunity to conduct a fully-funded PhD, with linked paid work experience in addition to the stipend, in collaboration with the national organisation Family Rights Group. The planned research builds on a programme called Lifelong Links, which was developed by Family Rights Group with the aim of ensuring that children in care have a positive support network.

How to apply for this studentship

You must first apply for a place to study at the university where the research project is based, noting that you are applying for the collaborative studentship. Please go to the University of Sussex here to find more details on how to make your university application.

You will then need to make a separate application for this collaborative studentship using the SeNSS online application platform. The link to the application platform and the notes to guide you through this process are available here.

Start date for study: 1 October 2023.

Funding Notes

Residential eligibility
Anyone regardless of where they live or what their citizenship/nationality is eligible for a fully-funded award.
Studentship Details:
This studentship may be taken as either a 1+3 year award (a one-year MSc followed by a three-year PhD), or a +3 award (a three-year PhD). It may be taken full or part-time.
The studentship award includes full payment of your university fees, and provides you with a stipend (salary) of £17,668 per year. If you are studying at one of our London based universities you will receive an additional payment of £2,000 per year.
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