Unlocking Sustainability for a Thriving Planet: Exploring Innovations in Circular Construction for a Greener Future

   Department of Civil Engineering

  ,  Wednesday, May 01, 2024  Competition Funded PhD Project (UK Students Only)

About the Project

Are you passionate about addressing global challenges such as CO2 emissions, resource scarcity, and climate change? Do you have a keen interest in sustainable construction practices? We invite applications for a PhD position focused on "Circular Construction" at the University of Birmingham, Department of Civil Engineering.

The PhD project will delve into the realm of circular construction practices and assess their potential effectiveness in mitigating the environmental impact of the construction industry in the UK and the UAE. As the global population grows and urbanization accelerates, finding sustainable solutions for the built environment is critical. Circular construction offers a promising avenue by rethinking the way we design, build, and manage our structures.

Key Objectives:

• Investigate the impact of circular construction practices on reducing CO2 emissions.

• Assess the feasibility and scalability of innovative technologies in the circular construction sector.

• Examine the role of circular construction in addressing resource scarcity and promoting a more sustainable use of materials.

Research Methodology:

The research will involve a combination of quantitative analysis, case studies, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies in construction. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners and contribute to the development of real-world solutions.

Funding notes:

Funding availability

The 125th Anniversary Scholarships for Black British Researchers programme

The University of Birmingham is proud to celebrate its remarkable 125-year journey and announce the launch of a groundbreaking scholarship initiative designed to empower and support Black British researchers in their pursuit of doctoral education.

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