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Using CIM for Systems integration and sustainable urban regeneration (CIM-SUR)

   School of Science, Engineering and Environment

About the Project

City Information Modelling (CIM) is a new approach which merges existing digital technologies for urban management and building management, i.e. digital technologies known as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital technologies known as Building Information Modelling (BIM). Thus, CIM allows the visualisation and integration of information from a site and/or building with its context, manufacturing data and product information. Currently, either planners manage cities with GIS, or the construction industry uses BIM for managing buildings, but very little systemic connection exists between GIS and BIM databases. This creates lack of opportunity for sustainable and for systemic innovation.

The project focuses on the refugee camp of Al-Baqa’a, on the outskirts of Amman, JD, with poor environmental conditions where an informal city has developed over a period of over 50 years. By adopting a CIM open web platform we can allow users to directly feed into the CIM database. The CIM_SUR project aims to create a prototype to monitor the existing built environment, residents’ conditions and supporting development of alternative sustainable scenarios. It will enable cross-analysis of interrelated issues on heavy metal pollution and CO2 levels in the air, water and soil (impacting on agriculture and food production). This will be made by creating an open web data platform, thus allowing gathering data simultaneously on multiple variables and from end-users through active community engagement.

It feeds into the goals of Agenda 2030, by supporting achievement of UN targets on water resource management, clean energy, and healthcare accessibility and innovation.

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