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  Water Engineering: Complex Natural River Flow Modelling and Flood Analysis

   Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies

   Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

The study on flooding, and identifying suitable ways to mitigate floods, have become a top priority for Government and the Environmental Agency, due to increasing flood frequency and intensity around the UK.

In a civil and environmental engineering approach, mathematical models are popular tools for predicting floods since they are more cost-effective. In this project, we are looking for a candidate to work on the advance mathematical approach to predict river flows and analyze their flood tendency, in order to mitigate or prevent flooding. You are going to look into complex river systems with irregular geometry, vegetation and sediment transport to estimate the real-world river flows for your analysis. With our expertise, we could also provide a good supervision to various computational tools and/or experimental techniques for you to work on this project.
Engineering (12)


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