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  Water Management-Desalination and Wastewater Treatment

   Faculty of Engineering & Digital Technologies

   Applications accepted all year round  Self-Funded PhD Students Only

About the Project

Water management is very important in many countries in the world. Out of many aspects of water management, freshwater production by desalination technologies (thermal and membrane) and wastewater treatment by various technologies are the most important ones. Both these aspects of water management are energy intensive and use of renewable energies (solar, wind, geothermal) plays an important role in this regard. This research focuses on these two aspects of water management including the use of renewable energies.

With the aid of model-based techniques, the aim of this project is to select the best technology and to obtain the best design and operation of the selected technology to supply a variable demand of freshwater throughout the year, with changing seawater/wastewater conditions, such as temperature variation, salinity and toxicity. Mathematical model of the alternative processes will be developed to carry out the optimization task. Design and operation parameters of the selected process will be optimised while maximising productivity/profit, minimising cost/energy consumption.

Engineering (12)

Funding Notes

This is a self-funded project; applicants will be expected to pay their own fees or have access to suitable third-party funding, such as the Doctoral Loan from Student Finance. In addition to the university's standard tuition fees, bench fees may also apply to this project.


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8. W.S. Cao, C. Beggs and I.M. Mujtaba, Theoretical approach of freeze seawater desalination on flake ice maker utilizing LNG cold energy, Desalination 355 (2015) 22–32.

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