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We have 10 Brunel University London Psychology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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PhD opportunities in Social Work at Brunel University London

Make a lasting difference. Confront policy and practice which uphold an unjust system. We'll support you while you support our communities. Read more

PhD opportunities in Public Health and Health Promotion at Brunel University London

Examine the impact of policies, strategies and interventions in Public Health with a PhD and be at the forefront of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals in our communities. Read more

Police brutality as a public health concern

The PhD student will investigate how the prevalence and threat of police brutality results in negative health consequences for racially minoritised persons. Read more

Spirituality and Health

Students interested in this PhD opportunity would want to explore any aspects of spirituality and how it is addressed or not addressed in healthcare. Read more

Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership Collaborative Project Studentships

The Grand Union Doctoral Training Partnership is currently offering 4 collaborative doctoral studentships. hosted across our partner institutions. Read more

Shoppers’ attitudes towards personalised advertising in the physical environment

The retail industry has seen dramatic changes, as a result of digitalization. Digital technology offered retailers the opportunity to capture data and develop insight about their customers, and to improve efficiency. Read more

Design for meaning

Problem Statement. With the increasing availability of affordable products, systems and services the attention of architects and designers is turning more-and-more to the properties of “experience” and “meaning”. Read more

Design fictions

With the dramatically increasing rate of technological and societal change it is becoming more-and-more difficult to estimate future trends and to design complex systems which take many years to develop. Read more

Trust In Autonomous Vehicles

Problem Statement. Several recent research studies have suggested that “lack of trust” is one of the major factors which is slowing the commercial introduction of autonomous vehicles. Read more

Naturalness of autonomous vehicles

Problem Statement. Naturalness and simplicity are well known prerequisites of success in product, system and service design. Autonomous vehicles have, however, few precedents in human history and are thus generally unfamiliar to people. Read more
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