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We have 80 Biological & Medical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading



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We have 80 Biological & Medical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

Protein engineering enzymes for Industry

 . We are interested in key features of the protein sequence - structure - function relationship, and how this information can be translated to health. Read more

Developing novel formulations and materials for transmucosal drug delivery

Mucosal routes of drug administration offer numerous advantages including ease of application, non-invasive nature and sometimes possibility of targeting particular organs. Read more

Health behaviours in sport

Why do people behave the way they do? What impact can an individual’s behaviour have on their physical health? What are the unique challenges and opportunities experienced by people who participate in sport?. Read more

Biological role of neuropeptides and their receptors

Cell signalling is critical to the co-ordination and functioning of all cells. Cell signalling allows cells to co-ordinate activities within the intracellular environment as well as ensuring cells know how to correctly respond to other cells and to an ever-changing extracellular environment as well. Read more

Where does all the carbon go? Determining the carbon pool turnover rates in semi-arid biomes of Australia.

Aims. The semi-arid ecosystems of Australia have been recognised a global carbon sink anomaly, accounting for almost 60% of global carbon uptake during consecutive seasons of high rainfall arising from La Niña events. Read more

Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge for Inclusive Spaces

The Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge aims to bring together hybrid processes informed by design, movement practices and emerging technologies to examine how we can better map thinking in ways of movement in architectural design. Read more

Integrating information from vision and touch in virtual reality telepresence systems

Virtual reality systems are fundamentally altering how we study human sensory perception. Similarly, to build good virtual reality systems we need a clear understanding of how the brain integrates sensory information into a robust and useful percept. Read more

Financialisation and corporate governance: Understanding mechanisms through evolutionary game theory

All the way back in 1988, Andrei Schleifer and Lawrence Summers posited that leveraged buyouts may result in companies being run less efficiently if buyers are able to use their newfound control to break the company’s relational contracts (e.g. Read more

Understanding and identifying the risk of pain in people undergoing hysteroscopy procedures

Hysteroscopy procedures have traditionally been considered low-pain or 'pain free' procedures, but recent research evidence suggests that they may actually be associated with significant pain during the procedure for a large proportion of patients. Read more

Neural and behavioural correlates of speech production in Parkinson's disease

Speech is a complex task requiring highly coordinated movements of a large group of respiratory, laryngeal and articulatory muscles and involves precise integration with auditory and somatosensory feedback to plan and execute speech movements. Read more

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