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We have 72 Maths & Computing PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

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  Developing a security-minded but open and transparent digital built environment sector
  Prof C Harty
Applications accepted all year round
The built environment sector in the UK has been undergoing a digital transformation.
  Using digital technologies to understand the sensory experience of urban spaces
  Dr I.J Ewart
Applications accepted all year round
This research project aims to bring together digital technologies with ethnographic methods to examine how we can better map human perceptions and experiences of the built environment.
  Studying phase transitions by computer simulation techniques
  Dr L Bartok-Partay
Applications accepted all year round
Computer simulation on the atomistic level became a powerful tool in modern chemistry in the past decades. Computational techniques are widely used to augment experiments and make initial predictions, thus saving time and money by reducing the amount of experimental work.
  Computational design of metal-organic framework photocatalysts for solar fuel synthesis
  Dr R Grau-Crespo
Applications accepted all year round
"Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous crystalline materials consisting of metal atoms or clusters connected by organic linkers.
  Computational modelling of intrinsically disordered proteins
  Dr D Nutt
Applications accepted all year round
"Not all proteins fold into well-defined structures. These intrinsically-disordered proteins (IDPs) perform a wide variety of roles and functions within living organisms, for which their disorder is key, from binding to biomineral surfaces for controlling growth and morphology, to protecting plants against drought.
  Electronic Structures of Substituted Osmanaphthalynes and Related Metallacycles in Donor-Bridge-Acceptor Systems
  Prof F Hartl
Applications accepted all year round
Chemistry of transition metal-containing aromatics has attracted considerable attention both experimentally and theoretically.
  Multilevel modelling of neuronal function: combining metabotropic pathways and membrane excitability in-silico.
  Dr F Tamagnini, Dr M Tindall
Application Deadline: 23 February 2019
Neurons work as information relays. They integrate information received from the environment at the subcellular scale, generating an appropriate electrophysiological response.
  Novel strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of snakebites
  Dr S Vaiyapuri
Applications accepted all year round
Snakebites represent a major neglected tropical disease affecting several million people worldwide and resulting in as many as 150000 deaths each year.
  In Vivo Verification of Proton Therapy: Derivation of Delivered Radiation Dose via Prompt Gamma Imaging
  Dr T Pryer, Dr M Tindall
Application Deadline: 4 March 2019
Conventional radiation therapy uses high energy beams of radiation to destroy cancerous cells. These beams are not local and can affect the surrounding tissue.
  New models of Outer Radiation Belt Dynamics
  Dr C Watt
Application Deadline: 21 February 2019
We welcome you to apply for STFC-sponsored studentships in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. The Department hosts a vibrant Space and Atmospheric Electricity group whose research interests span the remit of Space Weather from the Sun through the heliosphere to Earth.
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