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Neuroscience / Neurology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

We have 18 Neuroscience / Neurology PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

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  Multi-modal neuroimaging of subcortical connectivity in flexible decision-making
  Dr A Christakou
Applications accepted all year round
Research in our lab investigates the neurobiological mechanisms that support learning from experience and adjusting subsequent decisions.
  Psychological intervention, cognitive training, functional rehabilitation and well-being in clinical populations with brain degeneration
  Dr A Ho
Applications accepted all year round
The concept of human well-being is a fundamental aspect of our existence and is often particularly vulnerable upon diagnosis and/or progression of long-term neurological conditions for which there is no cure, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease.
  The role of the parietal lobe in attention, spatial processing, and optic flow.
  Dr D Field
Applications accepted all year round
Recent fMRI evidence collected in my lab suggests that the function of some parts of the parietal lobe are currently misunderstood.
  Ion channel regulation in models of neurodegeneration
  Dr M Dallas, Prof G J Stephens, Dr A Bithell
Applications accepted all year round
Ion channels are important regulators of cellular physiology. There is now growing awareness that these proteins are invovled in pathological states, with relation to neurodegeneration voltage-gated potassium and voltage-gated calicum channels have been implicated.
  Understanding signalling by a novel hormone receptor in the brain
  Dr N Vasudevan, Prof P G Knight
Application Deadline: 21 April 2019
"Our laboratory is interested in how hormones, in particular oestrogen, signal and how this signal drives social behaviours in animals.
  The effect of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (n-3 PUFA, “fish oils”), on vascular and potassium channel function
  Dr A McNeish, Dr G Cottrell, Dr F Tamagnini
Applications accepted all year round
There is a large body of evidence that consumption of oily fish or supplementation of fish oils leads to improvements in cardiovascular heath (as well as other health benefits including anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects).
  Do dissociated neural networks dream of electric sheep?
  Dr E Delivopoulos, Dr N Vasudevan, Prof S Nasuto
Applications accepted all year round
Neuronal networks grown on petri dishes encode information as electrical activity. This activity is dictated by their underlying structural and functional connectivity.
  Impact of maternal obesity on offspring adipogenesis
  Dr D Sellayah
Applications accepted all year round
Obesity is the major health crisis of this generation. Thus, research into the mechanistic basis behind obesity is of paramount importance.
  The impact of protein ubiquitination on ageing and ageing-associated diseases
  Dr E Kevei
Applications accepted all year round
"Ageing is characterized by a general functional decline of cells, tissues and organs with increased risk of disease, such as neurodegenerative disorders.
  Gene and Cell Therapy For Muscular Dystrophy, Muscular Atrophy, Diabetes and Metabolic conditions
  Dr K Foster
Applications accepted all year round
Skeletal muscle development is a complex process and a number of regulatory factors for the different steps involved in stem cell activation and proliferation through to multinucleated, post-mitotic cells have been identified.
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