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Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

We have 35 Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading



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We have 35 Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Reading

Understanding and control of electric communication in bacteria colonies, using machine learning

Although initial discussions regarding bioelectricity and its role in the fundamental understanding of various cellular behaviours took place in the 1970s, the bioelectrical view of cells as a more general concept has remained limited to the fringes of biological research for five decades. Read more

Interbrain dynamical functions for anticipating synchronisation under mutual interactions

How can we communicate with other members of society and synchronise our motion in real-time? Crucial to a sense of communication is the ability to entrain perceptually with other members of society, i.e., to be able to follow and to lead, while maintaining individual autonomy. Read more

Protein engineering enzymes for Industry

 . We are interested in key features of the protein sequence - structure - function relationship, and how this information can be translated to health. Read more

Controlling airborne infectious disease transmission in indoor environment

Infectious disease pandemics are brutal killers in human history. The recent COVID-19 outbreak in China has killed over 2.4K people globally, and more than 78K people are infected across 28 countries (As of 22th Feb 2020). Read more

Climate-resilient architectural and building design: learning from the past

Our climate is changing, and extreme events are becoming more frequent. For example, the UK Climate Projections found that in the UK we will see hotter drier summers and wetter windier winters, and heatwave days in the UK become more frequent and last longer. Read more

Maximising the value of observations for forecasting intense rainfall

With increasing computer power, the resolutions at which we are able to forecast the weather are ever increasing. We are now closer to achieving the ambition of resolving fine (100 metre)-scale convection allowing for accurate forecasts of intense and damaging rainfall. Read more

Jet Stream Variability

One of the key drivers of weather and climate (on any planet with an atmosphere) is the state of the jet stream. The jet stream is not a steady and continuous flow of air; it is highly variable in both space and time, with many timescales (from a few days to several months) interacting nonlinearly. Read more

Improved time-stepping schemes in weather and climate models

"The task of predicting weather and climate may be reduced to the following iterative procedure. First, given the state of the system at any time (the input), use the governing equations to compute the state at a slightly later time (the output). Read more

New materials for solar cells

We have a vacancy for a PhD student to work on the synthesis and characterisation of new materials for solar cells. Hybrid lead halide perovskites are attracting considerable interest due to their potential as photovoltaic materials for solar cells with very high efficiencies. Read more

New Materials for Solid-State Batteries

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are widely used in mobile applications. However, concerns about the availability of lithium and cobalt raw materials suggest alternative materials may be needed in future large-scale applications. Read more

Scanning probe microscopy of nanostructure directed process and mechanisms at surfaces

Nano-structuring of materials allows for the development of novel physical properties due to changes in electronic structure, unusual interactions with the environment due to molecular confinement effects in nanopores and the ability to direct processes and mechanisms in desired directions by combining these effects. Read more

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