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Heriot-Watt University, School of Engineering & Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

We have 20 Heriot-Watt University, School of Engineering & Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships



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We have 20 Heriot-Watt University, School of Engineering & Physical Sciences PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Conformable holographic metasurfaces for industrial imaging and sensing applications (Ceres Holographics and University of St Andrews)

  Research Group: CDT in Applied Photonics
Photonic metasurfaces are nano-structured films that can be designed to exhibit tailored light scattering. The phase, amplitude, polarisation and propagation of direction of the reflected and transmitted light can be controlled virtually at will. Read more

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Waste Recycling by Pyrolysis towards a circular greener approach

About the Project. Applications are invited for a fully funded 4-year PhD project in the area of thermochemical recycling of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) plastic waste in the Institute of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering (IMPEE) at Heriot Watt University. Read more

Autonomous fabrication of designer two-dimensional moiré heterostructures

Atomically thin 2D materials provide a wide range of building blocks with unique electronic and optical properties. Remarkably, the atomic sheets can be stacked together without restriction to form semiconductor heterostructures with unprecedented properties. Read more

PhD Scholarships in Computational Imaging

The Biomedical and Astronomical Signal Processing group (. BASP. ) at Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh (. HWU. ), headed by Professor Yves Wiaux, jointly with Edinburgh's prestigious Centre for Doctoral Training on Mathematical Modelling, Analysis and Computation. Read more

Integrated and scalable quantum memory arrays in silicon carbide

Quantum technologies are attracting worldwide attention across academia, industry and government. This is an exciting and fast-moving time where quantum devices are reaching maturity for application into real-world settings, where they can revolutionise fields such as computation, information security and sensing. Read more

Under-water Optical Communication

Underwater wireless sensor network (UWSN) that consists of many distributed nodes (such as seabed sensors, relay buoys, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), and etc.) is becoming increasingly important and widely used for offshore ocean exploration. Read more

High-speed secure optical communication

Information. security is one of the key challenges in optical communication network. The. project will investigate optical code based physical-layer security for high. Read more

High-speed imaging technology

High-speed imaging is a powerful tool for capturing ultrafast transient phenomena in a variety of applications such as microfluidics, fluidic dynamics, combustion, and ballistics studies. Read more

Underwater single-photon depth imaging

This PhD project aims to investigate novel single‑photon detector arrays for underwater single‑photon depth imaging. The successful candidate will investigate different single-photon technologies to obtain three-dimensional images in several underwater environments. Read more

Wireless Smart Tremor Detection and Inhibition System

Essential tremor (ET) and Parkinson’s disease (PD) are two of the most common adult-onset tremor disorders which cause shaking of different parts of patient’s body. Read more

Supramolecular Chemistry of Energetic Materials

Please contact Dr Scott Dalgarno ( for further details. We have broad interests in host-guest chemistry, theoretical chemistry, and using these in tandem to work with energetic materials in a variety of different ways. Read more

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