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We have 23 University of Reading, School of the Built Environment PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships



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We have 23 University of Reading, School of the Built Environment PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships

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Passive cooling in cities: a multi-scale modelling approach

Passive cooling (e.g. Natural ventilation) is regarded as an important building technology to reduce energy consumption, overheating risk and promote sustainability in the built environment. Read more

School ventilation and indoor environment quality

Children are a particularly vulnerable section of society. They are physiologically less able to regulate their temperature and are more vulnerable to exposure to air pollution than adults. Read more

Controlling airborne infectious disease transmission in indoor environment

Infectious disease pandemics are brutal killers in human history. The recent COVID-19 outbreak in China has killed over 2.4K people globally, and more than 78K people are infected across 28 countries (As of 22th Feb 2020). Read more

Climate-resilient architectural and building design: learning from the past

Our climate is changing, and extreme events are becoming more frequent. For example, the UK Climate Projections found that in the UK we will see hotter drier summers and wetter windier winters, and heatwave days in the UK become more frequent and last longer. Read more

Machine learning and AI for healthy building design

Building design and performance has a vital impact on the occupants’ productivity, health and wellbeing, and therefore directly linked to the economic cost of the organizations and companies. Read more

A pressure governing approach for modelling of variable flow systems in Building Performance Simulation (BPS) tools

Heating and cooling distribution systems are the most common parts of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) systems, which account for a significant portion of energy used in HVAC&R systems. Read more

Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge for Inclusive Spaces

The Design Apothecary of Embodied Knowledge aims to bring together hybrid processes informed by design, movement practices and emerging technologies to examine how we can better map thinking in ways of movement in architectural design. Read more

Decarbonisation of heating and cooling

Decarbonisation of heating and cooling in buildings can be achieved through switching fuels and transferring the demand from Natural Gas to low carbon electricity. Read more

Understanding construction sector policy through the lens of the Poulson affair

Current issues in construction sector policy too often tend to be debated ahistorically. The construction sector is invariably seen to be slow to change, and to adhere to an outdated businesss model. Read more

Sensory Navigation: Reading the Sensescape of a City

Sensory navigation proposes to introduce a novel way of experiencing the city centre of Reading, through the senses, including the visual, thermal, acoustic, visual and olfactory environment. Read more

Deep Learning for Architectural Design Exploration

"Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are an emerging research area in deep learning that have demonstrated impressive abilities to synthesize designs, however their application in architecture has been limited, especially for 3D applications (Newton, 2019). Read more

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