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We have 16 forensics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students



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forensics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

We have 16 forensics PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for Self-funded Students

Large Language Models for Digital Forensic Processing (SETU_2024_232)

Project Key Words.  Cybersecurity, Digital Forensics, Large Language Models. Post summary. Applications are invited for the position of a funded PhD Scholarship in the Department of Computing and Mathematics at SETU in Ireland. Read more

PhD in the Production & Analysis of Nuclear Threat Reduction Relevant Radionuclides

The UK’s Nuclear Threat Reduction (NTR) programme requires regular access to samples of relevant radionuclides in order to demonstrate its capability in nuclear forensics (NF) investigations. Read more

Forensic storage carving using AI

In computer forensics, investigators need to be able to analyse storage devices. Storage devices tend to store information in blocks, and the arrangement of blocks in a certain order is the thing which represents a data object. Read more

School of Engineering Design and Technology PhD Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria. Applications will be considered based on the quality of the research proposal and its alignment with one of the projects outlined in the next section. Read more

Advanced sensing platforms

The Raman spectroscopy technique provides a ’spectral fingerprint’ of a molecule that can be used for analytical proposes in a variety of application. Read more

Trusted Evidence Gathering and Timeline For Law Enforcement

A current weakness in many evidence gathering infrastructures is the handling of digital evidence bags, and how they are handled through criminal investigations and for insurance purposes. Read more

Behavioural Analysis for Ransomware and Extortion-based Attack Detection

Edinburgh Napier University’s Cyber Security and Forensics Research Group focuses on applied research in areas of threat analysis and detection, digital forensic triage, trust, identity and cryptography, and has had successful real world impact with several spin-out companies. Read more

Defining the state-of-the-art in X-ray and electron spectroscopies for discerning the characteristic electronic structure of actinide materials

An EPSRC centre for doctorial training sponsored PhD studentship is available to undertake research in the field of actinide X-ray and electron spectroscopy in a collaborative project between AWE and two research groups at the University of Manchester. Read more

UCL SECReT: The International Training Centre for Security and Crime Research Degrees

UCL's Security Science Doctoral Research Training Centre (UCL SECReT) was founded in 2009 with support from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESRC) and an array of public and private sector organisations working in crime reduction security and law enforcement. Read more

Exploiting raptor genome sequences to combat wildlife crime

Birds of prey have suffered persecution for centuries through trapping, shooting, poisoning and theft from the wild to meet the demand from egg collectors and falconers; they were also amongst the earliest beneficiaries of DNA testing in wildlife forensics. Read more

Laser spectroscopy of isotopes for nuclear environments

Measurements of isotopes and isotope ratios are important in many areas of science and engineering including the nuclear industry, nuclear forensics, environmental sciences and also in medicine. Read more

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