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We have 36 Semiconductors PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students






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Semiconductors PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

We have 36 Semiconductors PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships for UK Students

Coordinated Control and Operation of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in Converter Dominated Power Systems

The University of Strathclyde is pleased to be able to offer an exciting collaborative project with a multinational Fortune 500 company on the development and experimental evaluation of coordinated controls that contribute to robust and resilient operation of converter dominated power systems. Read more

High Power Density Converter Topologies for Pulsed Power Applications

This exciting project will contribute to a major Ministry of Defence (MOD) research programme intended to develop generation-after-next technologies for applications in defence and security, and will be co-funded by Ultra Maritime. Read more

Technologies for optogenetic neural interfacing

The ability to express light-sensitive proteins (opsins) in neurons, in a genetically-targeted fashion, has helped transform our understanding of how the brain functions. Read more

Photo-chemical adaptive integrated circuits for next generation neuromorphic computing

Neuromorphic computing, i.e., an approach to information processing inspired in basic morphology and working principles of the brain, is a rapidly growing area of research due to the availability of high-speed hardware and need for artificial intelligence (AI) systems across a wide range of applications. Read more

Neuromorphic photonic-electronic integrated circuits for fast and efficient SPIKE-based information PROcessing (SPIKEPRO)

The human brain is exceptional at performing highly complex tasks fast and efficiently. Hence, neuromorphic (brain-like) information processing is receiving increasing research interest for use in novel computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) hardware. Read more

Probing Ion Motion in Perovskite Solar Cells

The University of Bath is inviting applications for the following PhD project under the supervision of Prof Petra Cameron and Prof Alison Walker in the Department of Chemistry. Read more

Optoelectronic neural probes for in vivo manipulation of neural circuits

Optogenetics has become a powerful tool in neuroscience to study cortical circuit function. It relies on light sensitive proteins (opsins) that act as light switches, turning on or off specific populations of neurons in the brain. Read more

PhD in the area of Wide and Ultrawide Bandgap Semiconductor Devices (Innovation and Knowledge Centre, REWIRE)

The Innovation and Knowledge Centre IKC REWIRE, a £11M flagship UKRI research centre, led by the University of Bristol, aims to transform high-voltage semiconductor power electronics, and is pleased to offer a PhD studentship, fully funded by one of REWIRE’s industrial partners. Read more
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Bioelectronics for bioelectricity: developing a platform to interrogate the role of bioelectricity in biological phenomena, including cancer

  Research Group: Healthcare Engineering
Cells are electric! Bioelectricity within living organisms plays a role in multiple biological behaviours, from the electrophysiology of our nerves and muscles, to wound healing, organ development, and pathologies such as cancer. Read more

Quantum phenomena and energy conversion in two-dimensional materials nanostructures

Fully funded PhD position on Quantum phenomena and energy conversion in two‐dimensional materials and nanostructures. UK-Greece collaboration in European Research Council (ERC) Project. Read more

Funded PhD / MSc in Advanced Electron Microscopy

Electron microscopy is vital for many of todays advanced technologies and for the advancement our understanding of the nano- and micro-world, from biological systems to advanced materials and for the semiconductor devices that are vital to our communication and computational systems. Read more

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