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Botany / Plant Science PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Sheffield

We have 10 Botany / Plant Science PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Sheffield

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  Live Plants Imaging: investigating signalling and response mechanisms
  Dr A Chauvet
Applications accepted all year round
To achieve food security, we can improve the efficiency of food production while reducing the use and cost of pesticides. To tackle both challenges, efficiency and cost, we propose to select crop varieties that are more resilient against pests and diseases.
  Quantum Control: shaping light to enhance chemistry
  Dr A Chauvet
Applications accepted all year round
By modulating the light with which you excite materials we can enhance specific electronic, nuclear and even chemical reactions! The goal is therefore to set up a MIIPS pulse shaper and to adapt it to our Helios transient absorption system..
  Photocatalytic Thin Films: probing the early antibacterial properties of metallic thin films
  Dr A Chauvet
Applications accepted all year round
Have you ever wondered about self-cleaning surfaces. an object that cleanse itself just by shining light on it? Such technology already exists, and the field is fast developing.
  Toward Artificial Photosynthesis: understanding how porphyrin’s structure and environment influence the early electronic and nuclear dynamics
  Dr A Chauvet
Applications accepted all year round
The Sun represents an unlimited source of energy that can be harvested and ultimately converted to electricity. Solar energy is therefore the solution to not only depart from fossil fuels, but also to respond to the ever-increasing energy needs of our society.
  Plant genetics and molecular biology - dissecting the role of receptor-like kinases
  Dr L Smith
Applications accepted all year round
My group is interested in understanding aspects of basic plant biology, primarily through the application of molecular biology and genetics.
  Disease phenomics - quantifying the development of disease symptoms in infected plants
  Dr S A Rolfe
Applications accepted all year round
Biology is undergoing a revolution as ‘omic technologies allow us to make hundreds or thousands of measurements on large populations of plants.
  How does rising atmospheric CO2 change the productivity of crops and trees?
  Prof C P Osborne
Applications accepted all year round
Professor Colin Osborne, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK. New research in the lab investigates how plant growth is controlled by the supply of carbon from photosynthesis (source strength) verses the demand for carbon in growing tissues (sink strength).
  Engineering The Rice Leaf for Improved Photosynthesis
  Prof A Fleming
Applications accepted all year round
Improving photosynthetic efficiency has been identified as one of the few remaining traits for exploitation if we are to achieve the significant increases in crop yield required to feed the projected 9 billion world population by 2050.
  Evolutionary origins of adaptive traits in grasses*
  Dr P A Christin
Applications accepted all year round
During evolution, grasses acquired a variety of functional traits that allowed them to colonize almost all environments around the globe, and rank amongst the most productive crops, weeds, and invasive species.
  How does clubroot obtain nutrients from its living plant host?
  Dr S A Rolfe
Applications accepted all year round
Clubroot is an important pathogen of Brassica crops. The disease is found throughout the world and causes severe economic losses.
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