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Earth Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Sheffield

We have 66 Earth Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Sheffield



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We have 66 Earth Sciences PhD Projects, Programs & Scholarships in Sheffield

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Population ecology in a changing world.

We invite applications for a PhD in the area of population ecology and demographic modelling. Our research tackles problems at the pure and applied ends of the spectrum. Read more

PhD in Palynology

Professor Charles Wellman supervises self-funded Ph.D. research projects in Palynology hosted by the Centre for Palynology. These can encompass taxonomic, biostratigraphical or palaeoenvironmental (palynofacies) analysis. Read more

Social behaviour and population biology in birds

Life on earth is fundamentally dependent on cooperative interactions among biological units. These social interactions may take the form of cooperation among genes or cells within organisms, between individuals within cooperative societies, or, in human societies, cooperation at an international or global scale. Read more

PhD in the Diversification of Life - Generating Novel Datasets to Examine Species Form Variety

Understanding how and why the diversity of life on earth varies through time and geographic space is one of the fundamental underpinnings of evolutionary and conservation biology. Read more

PhD in evolutionary biology - modelling the evolution of interactions between species

Evolutionary biology is underpinned by models for the evolution of species and their traits. The growing body of phylogenetic information, as well as increases in computational power allows us to develop and test novel models and theories of evolution. Read more

PhD in the genomics of rapid adaptation in plants

We invite applications for a PhD in the area of genomics and rapid adaptation in plants. Our research combines cutting-edge genomic techniques, comparative analyses and experimental approaches to understand how organisms adapt to their environment. Read more

PhD in Applied Ecology - Developing data-driven modelling in Applied Ecology

We live in a changing world and a challenge for ecologists is to forecast how such changes will impact on natural populations. We tackle problems such as forest management, weed invasions and predicting the impacts of land management on populations of plants, insects and birds. Read more

PhD in agricultural biology - forecasting management and economics of climate change

The world faces a major challenge to ensure the security of food supplies in the face of threats resulting from climate change, growing population and the development of resistance to pesticides. Read more

PhD opportunities in the Department of Geography

Department of Geography. With an international reputation for research excellence, the department offers exciting opportunities to conduct research that has a real global impact. Read more

PhD in evolutionary biology - retracing the origins of C4 photosynthesis in the grass Alloteropsis semialata

During evolution, grasses acquired a variety of functional traits that allowed them to colonize almost all environments around the globe, and rank amongst the most productive crops, weeds, and invasive species. Read more

PhD in tropical conservation: Quantifying the impacts of mining on tropical biodiversity

Mining is the most luctrative industry globally, with rapid expansion of mines predicted accross the tropics. This expansion will drive deforestation within the mine itself and through interaction with socio-economic development outside of the mine. Read more

PhD in tropical conservation: Quantifying the impacts of wildlife trade on tropical biodiversity

Wildlife trade is a core driver of the global extinction crisis, with the epicentre of traded species diversity in the tropics. Key questions remain about how wildlife trade impacts species populations and, in turn, the long-term sustainability of trade. Read more

PhD in Ecology and Environment: how ecosystems, and the species they contain, respond to environmental change and how to reduce and mitigate adverse impacts

Environmental change threatens biodiversity, altering ecosystem processes and provision of ecosystem services. These environmental change pressures are accelerating due to growing human populations and accompanying climate change, land use, pollution and invasive species. Read more

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