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We have 167 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Sheffield



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Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Sheffield

We have 167 Other PhD Projects, Programmes & Scholarships in Sheffield

Henry Royce Institute PhD Opportunities

Right now, our society faces huge, urgent challenges. From the imperative to achieve net-zero, to the need to build a resilient, circular economy in an uncertain world, to the drive for increased productivity as our fellow nations embrace the digital revolution. Read more

Continuous Manufacture of Materials for Energy Storage

Manufacturing high performance batteries is a key requirement to address the pressing challenges of climate change. Battery technology is critical in enabling electric vehicles and storing renewable energy. Read more

Measurement of the Adhesive Strength of the Catalyst Support

To increase the contact area of the chemical reactions, catalytically active materials are dispersed on the catalyst support. The catalyst is mostly in the form of a coated layer on a substrate. Read more

Improving the Stability of the Fertilizers

The sensitivity of some types of fertilizers to environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity are causing problems during manufacturing, storing, transportation and application. Read more

Sustainable Catalysis

The transition toward an environmental friendly economy based on the use of renewable energy and alternative raw materials replacing fossil resources is one of the main scientific challenges of our time. Read more

Algal Bioplastics

Single use plastic is a major environmental concern that is urgently in need of innovative solutions. Microalgae are photosynthetic organisms that can be employed to develop processes that are environmentally sustainable. Read more

Reactive inkjet and textiles

The global market for printed textiles is in the region of $200 billion with inkjet printing playing a significant role. The PhD will investigate the various reactive inkjet mechanisms used in printed textiles, identifying research opportunities and investigating issues involved in expanding the role inkjet can play. Read more

Reactive inkjet printing

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have recently been printed using reactive inkjet printing. This PhD builds on that work aiming to expand the range of MOFs that can be printed and uncovering the advantages of using reactive inkjet printing as the production means. Read more

Reactive inkjet printing - silk porous structures for catalysis?

Silk stirrers and silk ‘rockets’ have been produced using reactive inkjet printing. The purpose of this PhD topic is to investigate the degree of porosity that the silk structures contain. Read more

Improving the mechanical properties of carbon fibre composites via inkjet printed polymer inclusions

Carbon fibre composites have been toughened, and strengthened, by using inkjet printing to deposit discrete droplets of polymer onto the pre-preg that is used to produce the final composite material. Read more

Predicting the inkjet printing performance of particle-containing inks

There has been a lot of research performed into predicting of the jetting performance of inks for inkjet printing. However, to date, the ‘inks’ used have been simple solvents. Read more

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